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About this mod

This is the DLC version of the amazing Different shirts for Geralt Mod by Kromanjon !
Yes ! It adds all the shirts as a DLC and you can use them all without changing your shirt mod !!

Permissions and credits
  • Portuguese

I present to you a MOD becoming a DLC !

This means you can install it once and play with whatever shirt you want and change it anytime you desire it !
You do not need the mod to be installed in order to have the shirts !!
This means you can delete the mod and just keep this DLC and still have all the shirts !

This DLC was made based on Kromanjon's mod Different shirts for Geralt.

To install this DLC:
1) Unpack the zip file.
2) Drop it into your dlc folder !

GOG folder path: E:\GOG Galaxy\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\dlc
Steam folder path: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\DLC

That's it ! You are all set up to enjoy all of these shirts !
Oh, wait !! Don't forget to Endorse the original mod here !!

This is a DLC, so it is compatible with all other MODS/DLCS.

Just in case something goes wrong, let me know precisely your compatibility issue.

The DLC contains 11 shirts !
Underneath you will find a list containing all of them.

To get your hands on these Shirts, you Either have to buy them from 4 Merchants:

Hattori in Novigrad.
Gryphon Merchant / Bram in White Orchard.
Kaer Throlde Blacksmith merchant Skellige.
Ofir Merchant in Velen.

Or just use the console commands listed underneath:
- additem('BaseballGray')
- additem('CharlesSmith')
- additem('Dilfgaard')
- additem('Gaunter')
- additem('RavRed')
- additem('RavRedDva')
- additem('SlavStav')
- additem('Slavurdija')
- additem('Summer Sword')
- additem('Temerian')
- additem('Regis')

Supported languages:

If you want to make a mod adding your language, feel free to do so !

I wanted to thank personally everyone who helped and supported me during the project:

Aard for your help fixing a hair, XML, related problem.
- Dimkich for testing, support and screenshots.
- Vonum for Screenshots and testing.
- Crygreg for testing and screenshots.
- Kromanjon for giving me the required permissions to use his textures !

Huge thanks.

Credits for creating the textures goes to Kromanjon !
Feel free to follow him on Twitter and don't forget to check his amazing mods here !!!

Thanks again, many people were asking for this to happen !

-Kromanjon's mod Different shirts for Geralt.

Just delete the DLC from your dlc folder.

If you enjoyed or are still enjoying the dlc be sure to endorse,
costs nothing and makes me happy !

If you would like to donate for my works:

PayPal                                                            Ko-fi

Anyway, have fun, and thanks for getting here, tried my best to get you interested !