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Adds sound, screen, camera effect and animation to low vitality, high toxicity and witcher sense.

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Update: added high toxicity mutation animation, see video

injury effect: vitality below 30%: 1. eyesight becomes blurred
               2. head begins to spin
3. walk with injured walk animation
 4. cannot move fast
vitality below 20%: very fast and loud heartbeat

stamina effect: below 20%: medium fast and medium loud heartbeat

witcher's sense: slow and quiet heartbeat (made it real slow cuz witcher's heartbeat are slower than humans), so quiet that it doesn't affects the voice of others

toxicity effect: two cool ass mutation sound effect while toxicity is above 50% or 75% after drinking potions or mutagen.

compatiblity: Compatible with SCAAR now! Thx to the almighty Psychocaki!!!!!

frequently asked questions(by frequently i mean once):
1.if you do not like any of the sound, it's easy to delete.
no stamina heartbeat: already uploaded
no vitality heartbeat:  search for    theSound.SoundEvent("play_heartbeat3");     in and delete  it
no witcher sense heartbeat: search for   theSound.SoundEvent("play_heartbeat1");   in and delete it
no toxicity sfx at 50%:  search for  theSound.SoundEvent("play_mut50"); and delete it
no toxicity sfx at 75%: search for   theSound.SoundEvent("play_mut100"); and delete it shake is editable, search for    animation.weight = 2;    in and edit the number

3. "ghost of the time" spell in magic spells mod are unable to use when health is below 20%, i personally do not use such                     powerful spell  so i won't put out a fix. 
     But you can fix it by deleting the injury anim,  easy to do, just search for EnableInjuredWalk( ); in                 and delete it

4.compatible with PN or CA

5.for SCAAR user, download mod file and 2.the optional dlc and 3.SCAAR's combineforceV2 mod file
   for nonSCAAR user, just download my mod file

6. ghost mod already has a heartbeat for stamina, so you'll need to delete mine stamina heartbeat with the                                     instructions in 1