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Increased the dismemberment chance buff on monster trophies for a greater chance to dismember your foes!

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New Modkit version is available here:

Version 0.3 released. Changed the installer and readme to better explain what this mod actually does. More information is in the description below under the "READ THIS" header.
Update: Version 0.2 released. The installer now gives you an option of what percentage chance you want for dismemberment. All of the trophies that gave a dismemberment chance in the vanilla game have now been altered.


This mod allows you to change the increase dismemberment chance buff that some of the monster trophies have (which is multiplicative, not additive, see below). You can choose to change the buff from the vanilla value of 10% to either 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. You will need to have one of the trophies that have this buff equipped to your horse too see the effects in game. The Griffin's head trophy you acquire near the start of the game has this, though any of the other trophies that have a dismemberment buff will also work.


Q: I'm not getting 100% dismemberment even with the highest preset, what's going on!?

A: This mod changes the dismemberment chance buff, but there's more going on behind the scenes that I can't change. As far as I can tell the game calculates a dismemberment chance for each enemy you face. That chance is probably based off of the difference in level or damage or some combination of both. Interestingly it seems that on higher difficulties the chance seems to be lower which can be explained by dismemberment chance being calculated this way. The "Increase dismemberment chance" buff that this mod changes seems to be a multiplier for the chance that the game has already calculated. So if the game calculated a 15% chance that you're going to dismember the enemy then the best that this mod can hope to do is double that by increasing it by 100%, making the new dismemberment chance 30% in this example. I've done a bunch more testing and found that the 100,000% chance doesn't make a difference over the 100% chance buff and so this has been removed in the new version (0.3). I hope this clears things up.

tl;dr The dismemberment chance buff is actually a multiplier of the dismemberment chance that the game calculates so the best it can do is double the chance.

Still, there is a noticable increase in the amount of dismemberment gore and that's undoubtedly a good thing.

What this mod does:

This mod does Increases the chance that you will dismember an enemy when you deliver a lethal blow.

What this mod does NOT do:

This mod does NOT make the combat easier. The combat will be exactly the same as before, you will just get more dismemberment when you kill an enemy.
This mod does NOT make every enemy get dismembered when they die. See the paragraph under the big "READ THIS" heading above for the details as to why.

Check out the video to see it in action: (VERSION 0.1, there are more options now)

1. Navigate to "The Witcher 3\content\content0\bundles "
2. Backup your xml.bundle file to a safe location.
3. Extract the mod and copy the contents to:

The Witcher 3\content\content0\bundles

4. Run the Install_Dismemberment_Mod.bat file.
5. The installer script will give you multiple options for different dismemberment chance percentages. Select one by typing the corresponding number. The mod is now installed.

To uninstall simply run the Uninstall_Dismemberment_Mod.bat file and the xml.bundle will be restored.
You can restore the backup of xml.bundle that you should have made before installing the mod.