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shows off Dettlaff's tunic, it's hot in Toussaint after all

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Removes The sexy black coat™, leaving only a red tunic.

this is more for screenshot purposes than gameplay, but it can still be used to play through the dlc’s story without major issues.

-all his appearances are supported, his dead body was also changed to have the correct hands and skin color

  1. unzip and drop the 'modDettlaff_DressedDown' file in your  witcher 3 'mods' folder( create it,if needed )

  • Compatible with face textures/hairstyle mods for him this edits his outfit and his face model ( for neckseam reasons) 
  • Compatible with Doppler mod since this is a replacer

  • No morphing despite all my efforts i couldn’t get the morphing to function, so no smooth transition from one model to another
  • There’s a bug during the ‘Syanna survives’ cutscene, the hand/claw mesh stretches across the screen (again, it’s morphing not cooperating) fortunately this only lasts for 3 seconds
  • he returns back to his Vanilla appearance during pre-redered cutscenes for obvious reasons

- this is a personal preference, but i think the big monster claws look goofy as hell with this outfit, i can recommend the :
No Wolverine Claws - Regis and Dettlaff Fix by mandrakemods

if you think the same