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Fast travel now cost a thousand(local ones cost 800), strictly for players that seek immersion, Highly recomend using with 1q2w3e1q2w3e's Long Journey.
the amount is customizable, just search for 'thePlayer.RemoveMoney(1000)' in the r4player in my mod and edit it, because I don't know how to make ingame mod menu.

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Update ver. :  fixed the problem that travel cost is redeuced in other situation(shops,for example)
                        sepreated the price, Local travel cost 800, and travels between different regions(Velens, skellige,Novigrad.....) cost 1000

don't hesitate to download this if you enjoy immersion or being poor or both, I know I'm not alone on this site

install:put MODLONGJOURNEYCOSTMONEY in your mod folder

The mod was inspired by AsarGiN's Fast Travel Cost Money, the mod is great but to me fast travel from anywhere kind of breaks the immersion.
Unlike AsarGiN's exquisite mod´╝îthis mod  adds only one line to r4player and that's all I'm capable of as the start of my cs course is on next week. 

I also want thank Haldar1248 for making AGM Better Horse Management, I was reading the script of this mod tonight and accidently spotted 'event on teleported', it would have taken my stupid ass longer time to make this were it not for his mod.

I'm now trying to make another immersive mod that is based on Haldar1248's AGM Better Horse Management, making inventory only accessible while near roach, that's what I thought the AGM mod would be, but it actually opens the stash which means roach can now carry more than 2000 pounds items, and that breaks the immersion even more than the vanilla game, it's still a great mod though, to normal people.  The plan is actually hard for a newbie like me as I have almost 0 knowledge about scripts, now I'm basically just collecting pieces from different mods and pray that they can work, I really hope someone else is willing to do this instead .

Can't believe I wrote a 261 words description for a mod that uses only 4 words.
(I actually can)

Sorry guys this is my first time uploading a mod, so I directly zip the modfile and so it may seen in the preview that I have only the content file, it's fixed already.