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Adds a set of new commands to the debug console

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Please note that i'll be removing posts regarding script compilation errors. If they occur to you, there's 50% chance that
you haven't set-up your mod scripts properly and 49.99% chance that you
have mod conflict. Remainder 0.01% chance is actually issues caused by
the mod itself.
If your game fails to launch with ANY script mod then refer to THIS thread, if the game fails to launch only with one script mod in
particular, then there's high chance of a mod conflict. In each case, do
some googling, posts section is NOT the place for repeating same
problems and solutions over and over again and as such all future posts
regarding script issues will be removed unless they are caused by mod
actually being faulty.

This mod requires console enabler mod to be installed and working!

What does this mod do:
It adds a set of console commands that can be used via the debug console.

Unzip the file and put modConsoleExtensions folder into your Mods folder inside Witcher 3 installation folder.
Then open or create Mods.settings (make sure it's Mods.settings, not Mods.settings.txt!) and add following lines:
Priority= <- any number goes here, relate it to your mods as this mod modifies
This mod causes NO conflicts with other mods, if you're experiencing issues then you've either installed the mod incorrectly or you have issues with script mods in general.

Go into the game, open console and use any of the commands listed below(please note that commands are case sensitive):

List of commands:
  • phase(distance) - teleports the player X meters ahead, ignores walls and obstacles.
  • skeletonkey - Unlocks all REAL (yes there are fake, always-closed ones) doors within 20 ingame units radius.
  • GTFO - removes currently targeted entity (not all entities can be removed though).
  • playcustomanim(number from 0 to 15) - Plays custom animations, like meditation, smelling, looking at clues, etc.
  • gettemplate - quick debug function to retrieve w2ent path of nearest object.
  • gettag(number) - retrieves tag with given index from nearest object.
  • thud - Quickly toggles hud On/Off (1.01+).
  • setplayerscale(width,depth,height) - scales player model (1.01+).
  • setscale(width,depth,height) - scales current target(1.01+).
  • enabledeletedscene - enables cooking scene with yennefer in uma quest(1.02+).
  • playsound("sound name") - plays sound cue(1.02+).
  • getpos - shows player position(1.02+).
  • getrot - shows player rotation in pitch, yaw, roll order(1.02+).
  • gettargettemplate - returns interaction target entity template(1.03+).
  • getapp - shows appearance name of interaction target(1.03+).
  • autowalk(speed) - makes player character walk automatically at set speed(requires you to start walking manually, you can release the key afterwards)(1.03+).
  • lookatcam(dur) - makes player character look at the camera(1.03+).
  • hood(type(number), shoulder piece(On/Off) - Adds wearable red hood, optionally with matching shoulder piece(1.04+).
  • nohood - Removes hood, reequip something in inventory to make hair reappear(1.04+).
  • nohair - Removes hair, reequip something in inventory to make hair reappear(1.04+).
  • capp(path) - adds custom appearance item (hats, bags, model pieces)(1.04+).
  • rcapp(path) - removes custom appearance item.(1.04+).
  • hideplayer(optional On/Off for removing swords on Ciri) - Removes player model. Neck nape is hardcoded. Does NOT work for ciri DLC appearances(1.05+).
  • Tamara(On/Off) - Adds Tamara appearance (use on ciri)(1.05+).
  • Triss(On/Off, head#, body#) - Adds Triss appearance (use on Ciri)(1.05+).
  • Yennefer(On/Off, hair#, body#) - Adds Yennefer appearance(use on Ciri)(1.05+).
  • Tomira(On/Off) - Adds Tomira appearance(use on Ciri)(1.05+).
  • Roche(On/Off) - Adds Roche appearance (use on Geralt)(1.05+).
  • Letho(On/Off) - Adds Letho appearance (use on Geralt)(1.05+).
  • Ves(On/Off, head#) - Adds Ves appearance (use on Ciri)(1.06+).
  • Lambert(On/Off, body#) - Adds Lambert appearance (use on Geralt)(1.06+).
  • Eskel(On/Off) - Adds Eskel appearance (use on Geralt)(1.06+).
  • Mephisto(On/Off) - Adds The Mirror-man appearance (use on Geralt)(1.06+).
  • cape(On/Off, hide weapons On/Off, grey variant On/Off) - Adds a cape (1.07+).
  • spawnfrompath(path(string), quantity, distance, hostile (on/off)) - spawns NPC from w2ent path, this allows you to spawn all existing NPCs(1.07+).
  • Shani(enable : bool, head : int, body : int, optional item : bool, optional rowan : bool, optional naked : bool, optional lingerie : bool) (1.08+)
  • proudwalk(enable : bool) - Enables HoS Vlodimir type of walk (1.10+)
  • forceanim(animationname) - Forces player to play specified animation (1.10+)
  • salsa(type 0-3) - Plays HoS salsa dance animation(1.10+)
  • dothisformeall(animation name) - Forces all NPCs around player to play specific animation(1.10+)
  • dothisforme(animation name) - Forces targeted NPC to play specific animation(1.10+)
  • blurscreen(intensity : float) - blurs entire screen (1.11+)
  • radialblur(position : bool,amount : float, waveamount : float, wavespeed : float, wavefreq : float) - spawns a radial blur sphere with specified parameters, 1 to spawn at player position, 0 to spawn at camera position (1.11+)
  • sepiaon() - enable black&white post processing(1.12+)
  • sepiaoff() - disable black&white post processing(1.12+)
  • painting() - enables HoS painting post processing filter, better make a save before enabling it (1.12+)
  • rotme(deg : float) - rotates player model, useful for custom anims/screenshots, remember to set to zero when done (1.12+)
  • shiftz(val : float) - move player model up/down, useful for custom anims/screenshots (1.12+)
  • gotoSpiral() - Teleports player to "through time and space" quest world, a.k.a the "spiral" (1.13+)
  • ecity() - Teleports player to Aen Elle town within the spiral (1.13+)
  • frozentown() - Teleports player to the frozen town area within the spiral (1.13+)
  • gasforest() - Teleports player to the gas forest area within the spiral(1.13+)
  • deadland() - Teleports player to the desert area within the spiral (1.13+)
  • gotoIOMist() - Teleports player to the island of mist map(1.13+)
  • iomshore() - Teleports player to the starting area of the island of mist(1.13+)
  • cutscenelighting - Forces the bright "custscene" lighting(1.14+)
  • customenvironment(path : String) - loads selected environment(1.14+)
  • Olgierd(enable : bool, head : int, body : int, optional item : bool) - Switches Geralt to Olgierd(1.14+)
  • playmimic(anim : name) - Plays mimic(facial) animation(1.14+)
  • myapp(nam : name) - Sets player appearance (useful for Ciri)(1.14+)
  • morphme(ratio : float, time : float) - Morphing functionality for meshes which use it (like 4th Olgierd body/head)(1.14+)
  • playerplayeffect(enam : CName) - Makes player play an effect(1.14+)
  • playerstopeffects() - Stops all played effects(1.14+)

For capp/rcapp commands: HERE is a list of entries you may try using.
for eg: capp("characters\models\crowd_npc\medic\caps\c_01_ma__medic.w2ent") <- "Vesemir hat".
Remember to use Windows path slashes "\" rather than path slashes used in web "/".

You can get a list of some usable custom anims by decompiling startup.bundle from content0 using quick bms and exploring files in animations folder with a hex editor.

If you're having issues using player replacement commands, you can take a look at this video.

And if you're just interested in appearance functionality, you may give this mod a try.

If you wish to thank me for my work by dropping a donation via paypal, please contact me for details.