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This mod changes the graphics with Reshade so that it looks "old school".

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Description - Nostalgia and old school

  • This mod changes the graphics with Reshade so that it looks "old school". I've gone to the best of my ability to tweak this graphics setting so that it really looks "old school" to old school lovers. I have not made any compromises. Exactly what the settings are, I wanted it to be.
  • If you like it even more "old school", the "Nostalgia" filter can also be activated in the Reshade menu (in the game). That would of course be very excessive as far as "old school" is concerned. I adapted the filter "Nostalgia" especially for the game. (I modified the palette colors a bit.)
  • Here you can see a simple comparison of "vanilla" and my mod "Nostalgia":



  1. Install the game. (I'm using version 1.32, the latest one in GOG.)
  2. Unzip my ZIP file and copy the directory "reshade-shaders", the files "dxgi.dll", "ReShade.ini" and "ReShadePreset.ini" into the game directory after the Witcher 3, as an example: G: \ Games \ The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY \ bin \ x64 \

  • If the colors are still too bright for you, you can change the filter (Reshade) "Technicolor 2" I used in the game by setting "Saturation" a little less, e.g. from 840 to 800 or 750 or even lower. I wanted to mention this point because I think it's important.
  • Optional and recommended: Install the following MODS:

 I use this very good mods from other authors

Info: It's recommended to use the "mod manager" to install this mods. I list only the "graphic"-mods now.
All these mods have no conflicts with "Script Merger":

Do you have any great tips on which graphic mod I should install? Write to me or create a thread here with me. I would be glad. (In English or other languages.)


Other things

  • My screenshots i have created with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. Other resolutions work just as well, of course, since another resolution does not change the effects of "Reshade".
  • I also try as often as I want to just walk instead of running or faster running. There is just a calm feeling to be playing the game. Try it out. There really is more feel to the game than running (or jumping) around all the time. And the rattling on the horse bothers me penetratingly. (I mean the vertical "hopping" on the horse. And the synchronized camera shake. That's why I prefer to walk.)
  • Sometimes I turn off the music volume completely. In real nature you also don't hear any music in the background either.
  • In the original graphics setting, as in many role-playing games, I miss the rough nature in the look. The original is way too colorful and the textures are so extremely soft. None of it looks real like "rough nature". So my "Reshade" attitudes are closer to feeling "rough nature". That's just the way it is. I sorely miss that in all the "role-playing games" from today.
  • My motto is: Play with a lot more inner calm. Don't jump, don't run (Once in a while. But not all the time.), but: Slowly. That is the magic word... Anything else would be "action". And then one is surprised that there are only "action role-playing games". And no more real "role-playing games". That's sad. (A real "role play" would be e.g. the DSA trilogy from the 90s.
  • I first perceived my feeling for "rough nature" as such in Silmaril's "Crystals of Arborea" (AMIGA). I got the game from my brother for my birthday on 1993. I always remember this (graphic) impression...

Have fun with this wonderful and quiet and foggy old school feeling in this game.

Last but not least: Funny things

The Witcher 3 mod 'Nostalgia' on AMIGA 500:
Download (MP4, 60 MByte)

A Nostalgia RPG in a BigBox, 1993
Kind greetings