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Disable all music in the game except for Gwent and taverns.

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Sometimes, less is more.

If you want to actually hear the wind howling and
every single surroundings ambience sounds, try this. 

Immerse yourself in a world full of life and sounds, 
not only in the soundtrack (wich is phenomenal, but on it's own). 

For me, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has a serious lack of a consistent atmosphere,
because the story it tries to tell and the world it wants to show,
many times, is contradicted by other things. For example, Velen is a horrible land victim of war,
but the game keeps playing happy music and showing you beautiful sunsets.
So is this a horrible world or not? To change that, this and Killing Monsters Ambience should do the job.

There is a backup of the original file in "Miscellaneous files",
so don't be afraid to install and try it if you want. 

It's not compaible with any music mod, of course.

If you want to hear taverns's music install
"NMP Taverns" or "NMP Taverns Alt" from "New Music Project". 


This mod is on BETA.
I didn't tested it on a full playthrough.

When I finish an entire playthrough with it,
if it works fine, I will make them offical and not BETA.

UPDATE: After some testing, I realize Natural Ambience can't
work with some of the story and dialogue music. Songs will play
in moments like when talking to The Crones or Letho and some chasing moments.
Can't figure it out a fix for this... Wish I can...


Completely grateful to Aeltoth and LiloLila for
explaining me how to make a script mod properly and
encouraging me to do it.

Seriously, thank you very much.
Literally, the correct functionality of this mod is due to you.


This is from the community for the community,
anyone can do whatever they want with these files.

Good luck on The Path.