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Visual setup to achieve an in-game oppressive and grimier ambience.

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The way I see it, Killing Monsters is the perfect representation of
how The Witcher's world should be
(just like the cinematic intro from the first game).
The trailer does a perfect job of introducing the witchers, what they do, their ideals, and the world around them.
I think that any audiovisual project of The Witcher's world should aspire to a similar setting.

A truly desolate land destroyed by war.

It has always bothered me that, in the vanilla version of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt,
the story keeps telling you that Velen is a horrible place victim of war and
Novigrad, more than a city, is a hell that stinks of piss where people are burned at the stake while being victims of corruption and poverty;
however, the game does not stop showing you happy music and beautiful sunsets on the screen.

I have always wanted the enviromental setting of the game to be consistent with the story,
and not two completely different things.

So, I have created these personal tweaks for using with Nvidia Freestyle
along with a mods recommendation, as well as Grim Lighting, which has been rescued thanks to user Walteriusmaximus
(an original mod from user vinh1998, which has been completely discontinued).

The goal of all this is to create an environment ambience as similar to Killing Monsters as possible: dark, grim, desolate...
In fact, the result is even more dramatic than Killing Monsters itself.
It is not an exact 1:1 representation, but rather an inspired look.

Since presets cannot be shared in Nvidia Freestyle, unlike ReShade,
a PDF with the necessary instructions can be found in the Files section.

Grim Lighting is an essential mod in all of this,
as is Immersive Lighting. An updated version has been rescued, once again,
thanks to the user Walteriusmaximus.


     1º) - Install Grim Lighting (higher priority).

     2º) - Install Immerive Lighting (lower priority).

     3º) - OPTIONAL: No Artifical Player Light (even lower priority).
                                                 - To counteract the lack of light in a cinematic
                                                   inside a cave, for example, I use The Wisp from E3 2014 Demo.

To get rid of the excess of happy music that the game uses, I recommend:
       - Familiar Music Replacement (higher pririty),
         since the music of the previous titles are more
       - New Music Project (lower priority), 
         just to improve the sound setting in Kaer Morhen for a more calssic one.

These mods give to the game a colder visual look,
which is perfect for an even cooler Skellige:
      - Skellige Weather System + Winter Is Coming (only "modSkelligeSnowRetexture").
      - Also perfect with Skellige Music Overhaul, for a more Viking ambience.

There are many more mods that can help you get a more grimier setting,
but I think it depends on personal preference.
These mods are the basics, the essentials.
If you would like to know what mods I use with this ambience or, simply,
you are looking for interesting mods, I invite you to visit my uploaded screenshots at my profile (The Witcher 3 section).
There I upload interesting screenshots and try to publicize other mods.

One more thing you should know!
Pros and cons of using  Nvidia Filters:

    - It is very effective and user friendly.
    - You can choose different presets in the middle of the game.

   - You cannot share presets files, unlike Reshade.
   - Every time Nvidia updates, the settings of the
     presets are reset and must be reconfigured.
   - It is possible that some update from Nvidia changes the value of the effects,
    and the same configuration does not have exactly the same effect as before (it has happened to me before).

In this case, if I realize it, I will update the configuration and upload it again.

If you want the same atmosphere for The Witcher II: Assassins Of Kings,
check this out: Grimier Ambience.

If you want the same atmosphere for The Witcher,
check this out: Grimier Ambience.

This is from the community for the community,
anyone can do whatever they want with these files.

Good luck on The Path.