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This mod fixes the missing icon that prevents you from zooming in the camera to the sign of Rosemary and Thyme.

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NOTE: This mod is now part of Brothers in Arms - TW3 Ultimate Bug Fix Collaboration, but I'll keep this page active, just in case someone wants to use this mod as a standalone or would like to know more details about this mod.

A lot of shops like blacksmiths, armorers, booksellers, brothels, banks etc. have their own sign. You can interact with the sign and the camera zooms in for you to have a better look. This isn't possible with Rosemary and Thyme, but you can see the yellow outline with Witcher Senses suggesting that it should be possible. When you help Dandelion with his quests and he rebuilds it to Chameleon, the sign for Chameleon is working properly. This mod aims to fix the Rosemary and Thyme sign.

Cause of the Bug:
Two axes for the icon line of sight offset (meaning the Interact/Read button to read the sign) had some weird numbers that caused that the interact icon wasn't showing up on the texture of the sign. So I tried to copy the numbers from the Chameleon sign and to my surprise it worked. 

Simply put the mod folder into your Witcher 3 directory/mods. If this is your first mod, then just create a new folder called "mods" and put it in there. Mod Manager will probably work too. To uninstall, simply delete the mod.

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