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Adds an item to the game which toggles Geralt's neck tattoo. Simulates a W2 save where Geralt kept the tattoo (optional).

Permissions and credits
Compatibility Patch for "Complete Animations" mod in the comments!

Deepest Lore:
In TW2, Geralt got drunk with Roche's band of blue stripes and woke up with a tattoo on his neck. Triss (or Sile, or Philippa) told Geralt she could remove the tattoo if he brought her the necessary ingredients for a special mixture. Some herbalists, druids and witches are said to sell a secret formula for a special ink which can be used in combination with a makeshift tattoo kit to to cover up tattoos. But not only that - if the ink is applied to a place where a person previously covered up a tattoo, it will be revealed again! Amazin'.

What the mod does:
You can buy the formula for the Magical tattoo kit from a handful of people in the game (Tomira in White Orchard, Herbalist in Oxenfurth, Keira Metz, Kaer Trolde Village Herbalist, Druid Circle in Skellige).
If you gather the necessary ingredients, you can craft the Magical Tattoo Kit, which will show up under the food and drink menu tab as a consumable item. Using it will toggle the tattoo on/off. The tattoo will stay on/off (until you use another tattoo kit).

Two versions are available:
1) One version with the tattoo already enabled from the beginning of the game, as though you imported a Witcher 2 save where Geralt kept the tattoo.

2) One version without the tattoo enabled from the beginning. 
The assumption here is that Geralt did have Triss (or Sile/Philippa) remove the tattoo in Witcher 2. But maybe he regrets removing it? What is he gonna do about it? That's right. Magical tattoo kit.

Installation: Folder labelled "dlcMagicalTattooKit" must be copied into dlc folder. Folder "modMagicalTattooKit" into mods folder.

The mod is compatible with Ghost Mode and even Dynamic Wet Face. For Complete Animations, use compatibility patch found in comment section.
Use Script Merger to resolve any potential conflicts with other mods!

I know it's just a small mod so the long credits may seem a bit much, but I learned a bit while making it and quite a few people chimed in and helped.

Karpfenfrosch - First and foremost. Thank you for spending the time to help me, and the good suggestions like making it a dye instead of a food in the alchemy menu, and helping me with the compatibility patch

eNoodles and Aeltoth - scripting advice (i.e. showing me what to do to make the tattoo disappear)
teresatiger - taught me how to make strings
munchyflyrfuzzo and Fabian - helped me with an issue I had with WK/modkit
Murzinio - for his Razor and Shears mod which I used for some reference
jato, Menschfeind, ForeskinGaming69, Bjorn_18AmasiunculaFeregorn (probably forgot someone) - being helpful