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Adds certain facts that could previously only be enabled by importing a Witcher 2 save. Now these will also be enabled for people who simulate their Witcher 2 choices.

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This mod adds certain facts which could previously only be enabled by importing of a Witcher 2 save. With this mod installed, the small changes these facts cause can now also be experienced by people who choose to simulate a Witcher 2 save during their conversation with Morvran Voorhis.

The following facts will be enabled by this mod:

-) Carduin shows up in Oxenfurth
This can be triggered through simulation as well but I felt this dialogue should be available no matter what one picks during the save simulation dialogue, with Carduin being one of a number of survivors of Loc Muinne. Technically, this means that the council/conclave still exists.

-) Saskia Alive
You can ask Philippa Eilhart about Saskia if Saskia lived, meaning you did not kill Saskia in her "special" form in W2. The dialogue conflicts slightly with one possible choice in W2 where you also lifted the spell she was under, but so what. Iorveth isn't in W3, I think that conflicts a tiny bit more with W2. #downgrade #neverforget

-) Henselt survived your last encounter in W2
Not sure what this does, I think it gets mentioned somewhere that he died later during the war, meaning you did not kill him in W2. I could never bring myself to kill that son of a gun during any of my Witcher 2 playthroughs lol. Probably doesn't do anything at all, so it can't hurt.

-) Odrin met
You met Odrin in Witcher 2. Not sure if this changes anything since I think you can find him in Witcher 3 even without this enabled, but whatever, can't hurt to have it enabled.

-) Geralt drank mysterious potion
Geralt drank the mysterious potion in Witcher 2. A note will appear in Oxenfurth.

There is an optional version with the Blue Stripes tattoo added:

-) Geralt has tattoo

Geralt will have the "blue stripes" tattoo on his neck. The tattoo will only appear after the game is reloaded for the first time, so after the Kaer Morhen prologue, after Geralt wakes up, so don't be confused when you don't see it during the prologue.

There is one more W2 Quest Fact I didn't add to this mod, which controls whether you gave Anais to Radovid or not. In my mind, Geralt wouldn't do that if he already sided with Roche in W2. He would have Anais go with John Natalis, and in my head canon she went into exile with Natalis as her guardian. So if Geralt went and saved Anais, in my opinion, he would never give her to Radovid. Also as far as I know, this fact changes nothing in Witcher 3, so either way this fact would be useless.

So all in all, just a small mod but I thought the potion note, Carduin, as well as the Saskia dialogue line are a neat detail, so why not add this stuff.

This mod should be compatible with mods like Ghost Mode and FCR3 etc. Use script merger to merge if necessary.

I did some testing but I'm a bit unsure if it all works as intended. Should work but... if something doesn't work please just report it.

Installation: Just install using mod manager or copy the modW2Facts folder into your "Mods" folder in your The Witcher 3 directory.

Credit goes to eNoodles and Aeltoth for teaching me how to implement this idea