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Small Changes Make A Big Difference.
Using Reshade Framework To Enhance Game Graphics.

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Based on my previous version ( v1.3, created on sweetFX), this Version will be made on Reshade Framework.
If you think the default color of The Witcher 3 is over-saturated or too vibrant but you also love this candy colors and don't wanna change it too much, this preset will satisfy you.

Click ENDORSE at the top right if you like it. Thanks! :)
Another preset of mine: 1.000 Times Worse

_____________________________________________________    _____________________________________________________

• ver 2.3.1
- Update to ReShade 0.18.7 Public Beta with Framework.
- Nothing else.
• ver 2.3
- Update to ReShade 0.18.6 Public Beta with Framework for better performance and compatibility.
- Toggle function works properly now. Press SCROLL LOCK to ON/ OFF the effects.
- More sharpening, a bit more saturation.

• ver 2.2
Adjust the strength/ Intensity of Bloom and HDR FX.
- Improve SMAA ( thank Vasilyevich )
- Darker nights, the moon doesn't shine too bright anymore.
- Better color balance, lighting, contrast.
- Create 3 different package:
+ Full Package: 4-8 FPS loss.
+ Optional Package- No Bloom: 1-3 FPS loss.
+ Optional Package- No Bloom + No SMAA: 0-2 FPS loss.

• ver 2.1
- Decrease Sharpening.
- Create 2 different versions:
+ Full version: with Bloom and SMAA. 5-10 FPS loss.
+ Lite version: without Bloom and SMAA. 0-2 FPS loss.
_________________________________________________                    _________________________________________________

- Download then extract to:...\The Witcher 3\bin\x64 
- That's all.

1. For those people who getting crashes at startup: try installing this Windows Update pack: LINK. Or reinstall vcredist.
2. This mod is not compatible with some overlay softwares ( MSI-AB, EVGA Precision,..)
3. Using my below RECOMMENDED SETTINGS to get the best performance + quality.
4. Performance impact is about 4-8 fps.
5. Pressing SCROLL LOCK to toggle the effects.
_____________________________________________                                    _____________________________________________

In-Game Setting
+ Fullscreen
+ Gamma: Default 
+ Anti-aliasing: Off ( if you use full or no bloom package )
+ Sharpening: Off/Low/High (depends on your preference )
+ Motion Blur: Off 
+ Blur: Off
+ Shadows: Low ( Yeah, set LOW if you get low FPS, ULTRA shadows are a little softer, but the difference is really small: LINK )
________________________________________________                        ________________________________________________

Delete these files:
- Folder "ReShade"
- d3d11.dll
- ReShade.fx
__________________________________________________                __________________________________________________



This mod was created using Reshade Framework: