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Hey! After the disappointing disaster that Cyberpunk 2077 was I decided it was finally the time again for me to replay The Witcher 3 and re-experience its greatnesses, only this time completing everything there is to do, that meaning all side quests, contracts, question marks, treasure hunts and all oils, bombs, potions & decoctions. Have fun!

Permissions and credits
Some information you may want to know about this game save file in particular.
   Story related information:

- Keira Metz alive & sent to Kaer Morhen 
- Letho saved & sent to Kaer Morhen
- Yennefer romanced
- Cerys Queen of Skellige
- Radovid killed
- Witcher Ciri ending

   Character related information:

- Level 47 (played on DM + Upscaling so you'll 100% one shot stuff if you don't use those)
- Full Mastercrafted Feline armor + Swords & Crossbow
- Build is fully focused on combat with a touch of Toxicity
- 170K Crowns (not cheated)
- Best Roach gear obtained
- No failed quests
- For your convenience I've bought a Potion of Clearance and parked Geralt 
at Crow's Perch so you can craft whatever other gear you might want and take
                                     whatever skills you desire.
- Small side note: If you're wondering why I have the HoS goggles so early on,
it's because they really fit the armor mod I use and couldn't wait until then to get them, 
so I added them with a console command haha, feel free to remove them.

Install instructions:

- Download the .rar file
- Extract said file with WinRAR or 7Zip or any other RAR program of your choosing
- Head over to C:/Users/YourName/Documents/The Witcher 3/gamesaves
- Manually drag the file you extracted there with your cursor
- Once in game, click on "Load Game" then select the file with the date of 18/6/2021

Lastly I'd like to stress that this is not a hand-made mod, but a save file. If you're having issues installing and loading the file despite the instructions, there's nothing more I can help you with.