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WIP Lighting mod. stripped down, consistent lighting. removal of tints. neutral colors hue/saturation to help bring out the textures as intended by the artists.

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not fully finished

complete overhaul of environment definitions

sunset and sunrise is not complete

no weather change. mid clouds is the only weather at the moment.

main goal was to remove tints and make the lighting consistent/get rid of harsh transitions. there's many areas were the global illumination get's brighter/darker/changes color's. I've been going through and removing them.

1. make sure day/night looks good
2. complete sunset/sunrise
3. add weathers
4. add settings that are required for certain areas/points in quests

version 8
- lightened bottom of grass
- use slightly different techniques just to make sure everything's getting lit up properly
- finalized night and day. taking into consideration workarounds for problems i was encountering and general feedback. i want to bridge the gap with sunset/sunrise with the current night and day settings. so if you don't like the way night or day look now. speak now or forever hold your piece.
- reuploaded for a few minor edits

version 7
made things less washed out looking
lowered side clouds
brightened day back up
changed how dense the fog gets the higher it gets off the ground

version 6
fixed various issues. made some slight edits.
nights are much brighter. it just wasn't possible to finish trying to make them as dark as i was.
reflection light is much shinier.
sunset and sunrise are even more of a mess because of me reworking nights
gameplay light turned off. no extra fake gameplay/cutscene light sources.