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This mod increases the length of all potions and makes some changes to the potions effects.

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This mod increases the length of all potions and makes some changes to the potions effects.

Potion length changes

In the game there are 3 versions of each potion, their upgraded lengths are represented by:

Standard / Enhanced / Superior - 2 Min. / 4 Min. / 6 Min.
Black Blood, Full Moon, Golden Oriole, Maribor Forrest, Petri Philtre, Swallow, Tawny Owl, Thunderbolt, Killer Whale, Cat

30 Sec. / 45 Sec. / 60 Sec.

Potion charges
Potions in the game have a number of charges before they need to be refilled. The following potions have had their charges increased for each version Standard / Enhanced / Superior.

Standard / Enhanced / Superior
Blizzard Charges3 / 4 / 5         Vanilla 2 / 3 / 4
White Honey Charges3 / 4 / 5         Vanilla 1/ 2 / 5
White Raffard Charges      3 / 4 / 5         Vanilla 2 / 2 / 3
Pheromone Drowner Charges                   3                    Vanilla 2

Potions changes

Potions effect changes description:

1. Download, unpack into your "Mods" folder.
2. Run Script Merger.
3. Play.


Simply uninstall the mod from your mod manager or delete the from your "Mods" folder.

How to update:

Uninstall the previous version the from your "Mods" folder, unpack new version into your "Mods" folder. Launch script merger and deleting old merges files (script merger may crash during this process, but not to worry, this is normal). Relaunch script merger if it crashed. Fix any necessary conflicts should they arise.

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