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During the quest "Child of the Elder Blood", there are two notes in Avallac'h's lab that are invisible. This bug fix restores them to visibility.

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During the quest "Child of the Elder Blood", Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer gain access to Avallac'h's lab to determine if he can be trusted.  There are two notes in the lab: Caranthir's Progress and Remarks Concerning The Death Of Auberon.  However, it is likely that most players completely miss collecting both of these notes because of two bugs:
    1) the notes are not visible.
    2) the notes do not react to Witcher Senses.

This bug fix makes both notes visible and enables them to light up in red when using Witcher Senses so that they can be found and collected while searching Avallac'h's lab.

***PLEASE NOTE:  Unless there is an unintended issue caused by this bug fix, we are not planning any additional updates to this bug fix.***

Install by placing mod in the game's \mods folder or use a mod manager.

Use script merger to identify and resolve any conflicts.

This bug fix was a collaborative effort between konyme and me, but special credit goes to konyme for identifying the bug.