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Empowering the oil!

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There are several oil mods on Nexus, but I want to make my own version.
This mod buffs the oils, make them stronger and useful on certain situation, but try not to overpower them.

All the oils now deal 30/60/90% bonus damage and always have 50 charges

Except for: Scepter Oil 
now contains silver dust, it prevents Wraiths from transforming.
For this reason, Scepter Oil bonus dmg nerfed to 
30/50/70% and have 30 charges only.
After the oil worn off, you will have to use Yrden and/or Bomb to fight wraiths again. 

Works with NG+. 

Does not compatible with other oils overhauled mods, because "def_item_alchemy_oils.xml" files are conflicted.

I recommend to use this mod with Death March only. On easier mode, this oils is quite OP. Personally I use the mod on Death March mode and a Enemy scaling mod, its challenging but fun to play. 

This mod combined with the mod Oil Sort Order by Rivianbleidd, what it does is put the oils after the bombs for faster access.  (http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/541/?) 

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