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The quest "Berengar's Blade" will fail if not completed before the start of "Battle of Kaer Morhen". However, the chest which activates "Berengar's Blade" and sends you to talk to Vesemir is still accessible after returning from the Isle of Mists, even though you can't talk to Vesemir after that point. This fixes the issue.

Permissions and credits
"Berengar's Blade" is a quest that must be completed in a very narrow window, or else it will either be missed or failed.  In the vanilla game, the quest is accessible the first time you reach Kaer Morhen (in the quest "Ugly Baby").  You have to open a chest on the western wall and find Berengar's Notes.  At that point, Geralt is sent to discuss the note with Vesemir.

The Issue
The quest requires you to find the chest, talk to Vesemir, go fight a chort, and collect the schematic prior to beginning the council at the start of "Battle of Kaer Morhen".  However - the issue is that you can no longer interact with Vesemir upon returning from the Isle of Mists, which is BEFORE the council.  During this time, the treasure chest is still accessible and you can begin the quest.  But since you cannot interact with Vesemir, you cannot progress the quest.  Then, during the council, the quest will fail.

Important: while this quest will fail if you haven't completed it by the time you begin the council in The Battle of Kaer Morhen, the actual cutoff point is The Isle of Mists, as Vesemir can't be interacted with after it's started.

The Fix
The game performs a lookup when the chest spawns to determine if you have begun the council.  This fix changes the criteria so that the lookup will determine if you've completed Isle of Mists.  If you have, then the chest does not spawn.  The chest will continue to spawn up to the point where you embark to the Isle of Mists (because technically, once you go there, you can't return until it is complete).

Note1:  This narrows the window for when you can find and complete the quest, meaning you must open the chest, talk to Vesemir, fight the chort, and collect the schematic before going to the Isle of Mists.  If you fail to open the chest, you will miss the quest.  If you open the chest but fail to talk to Vesemir, fight the chort, or collect the schematic, you will fail upon beginning the council at the start of Battle of Kaer Morhen.

Note2:  This does not alter the journal, quest criteria, mappins, dialogue options, etc.  It simply changes the criteria to one quest earlier in the game to prevent starting a quest that will be locked out.  In the vanilla version, the chest will not spawn after the council; with the fix, it will not spawn after the Isle of Mists.

Note3:  Technically, in the vanilla game, you can go fight the chort manually and collect the schematic without talking to Vesemir.  You can do this until the point where the quest fails at the "Battle of Kaer Morhen".  However, it is wonky to give a quest, not be able to talk to the person to progress the quest, and then have to go find it manually.  This fixes the flow to be more logical with what is happening in the game at that time.

***PLEASE NOTE:  As of 4/18/21, I have completed my playthrough.  Unless there is an unintended issue caused by this bug fix, I am not planning any additional updates to this bug fix.***

Install by placing mod in the game's \mods folder or use a mod manager.

Use script merger to identify and resolve any conflicts.

Special Thanks and Credits
Thanks to FreakVIp for reminding me of this bug.

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