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At the conclusion of the quest "Calm Before the Storm", the game incorrectly shows notification of quest activation for "A Mysterious Passenger" if you already met Uma when completing quest "Family Matters". The quest is then missing from the journal. This fix suppresses the message and only displays it when Uma was not met.

Permissions and credits
"A Mysterious Passenger" is a quest that only becomes active under specific circumstances.  Namely, you have to complete the quest "Calm Before the Storm" before you complete the questline for "Family Matters".  The reason for this is that at the end of "Family Matters", you are introduced to Uma (the Ugliest Man Alive).  When you complete "Calm Before the Storm", you learn of Uma's importance in finding Ciri.  If you already completed "Family Matters" and met Uma, then you already know to go get him from the Sergeant at Crow's Perch.  "A Mysterious Passenger" is the alternate quest: if you did not meet Uma, then "A Mysterious Passenger" sends you to Donar in Skellige to learn more about Uma.

The Issue
The game pops up the customary NEW QUEST message at the end of "Calm Before the Storm" and tells you that "A Mysterious Passenger" is now available.  It does this all the time, whether you already met Uma or not.  However, if you already met Uma, when you look in your journal, the quest has mysteriously vanished and is nowhere to be found.  It is not in the active Main Quest list or Completed quests list.  It just simply vanishes.  The first time this happened to me, I went to Google to find out what the quest was and why it disappeared.  It was then that I learned of this bug.  Like many players around the world, this led to unnecessary confusion and having to go investigate what the quest was and why it was missing.  Like other quests that never become active, the player should never be alerted to its existence until it is required.  Instead, the game should simply jump to the next quest "Ugly Baby".

The Fix
The game incorrectly assigns a value to display the message and then deactivates the quest if criteria is met (ie "Family Matters" was completed).  I disabled the message when the criteria is met.  The quest message and activation will still work correctly when the quest should be assigned (ie "Family Matters" was not completed).

Install by placing mod in the game's \mods folder or use a mod manager.

Use script merger to identify and resolve any conflicts.

Special Thanks and Credits
Thanks to my buddy Divergent444 for reminding me of this bug and helping me test the fix.

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