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This mod seeks to fix some dead end dialogues and quests in the game such as when Geralt isn't given the option to accept the quest "Cabaret" from Dandelion if you already have prop swords in inventory.

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Another in a series of Quality of Life (QoL) bug fixes, this mod fixes what I call "dead end dialogues" - this happens when the dialogue reaches a point where option(s) should be available and are not, resulting in broken dialogue, broken menu options, or failure to progress quests.  This is currently a work in progress and I will add new fixes as I find them.

Issue #1: Dandelion at start of quest "Cabaret"
When Geralt encounters Dandelion for the first time at Rosemary and Thyme, he asks for assistance with building up the cabaret to a world-class establishment.  This launches the quest "Cabaret", and the first objective in the quest is for Geralt to visit Irina Renarde at the theater and collect prop swords to help Dandelion stage a mugging.  The problem is, if you already have prop swords in your inventory (I was able to buy them from a merchant earlier in the game), the dialogue does not progress to allow you to accept the quest.  It only presents you with the option to ask what Dandelion's role is (which results in a loop) or to exit the dialogue.  This fix ignores the inventory item and allows the dialogue to proceed so Geralt can accept the quest.  Note: there is a workaround in the vanilla game where you can exit the scene with Dandelion and then talk to him again, and then Geralt can accept the quest.  But it is a senseless effort to force the player to exit the scene and then talk to Dandelion again rather than just do it all correctly in the first interaction.

Issue #2: Crach an Craite dialogue at the start of quest "King's Gambit"
At the start of the quest "King's Gambit", Geralt is tasked with talking to Crach and collecting his reward for helping Hjalmar and Cerys.  When Geralt reaches Crach's room, he sees Birna Bran leaving the room.  In the following discussion with Crach, Geralt has a chance to ask Crach about his talk with Birna.  However, the list of dialogue options is poorly ordered: the selection for Birna is last in the list whereas the middle question (about Crach's children) progresses the dialogue to another screen where you cannot go back and ask about Birna, missing out on the discussion.  This is technically not a bug, because the scene does play out as intended.  However, this fix reorders the list so that the option to ask about Crach's children appears first in the list with yellow emphasis, which gives the player a visual cue that selecting that line will progress the dialogue.  It visually indicates to select the other dialogue options first before moving on to the next screen.  Also, I removed the option to ask about the reward on that first screen, which will also lock out dialogue options.  It is now placed on the second screen, after asking about Crach's children, where it is more logical and will prevent locking out dialogue options.

Issue #3: "Iron Maiden" Quest
I actually fixed two bugs in this quest:
   Bug #1)  If you have already collected the sword that Jutta wants you to retrieve as part of this quest (in free roam), the game recognizes it too early in the scene.  It allows Geralt to comment on the sword "Got Hoskuld's sword like you wanted.  Have yet to check if it really can't be chipped" and give it to her even though she never asked him for it.  It completely bypasses the step that tells him to go get it.  How did Geralt know that this sword, which he found at the bottom of a river, was coincidentally the same one Jutta was looking for?!  Clearly Geralt could read Jutta's mind!
   Bug # 2)  When you have the sword in your inventory, the game removes it from your inventory as soon as you tell her you retrieved it.  This can cause the quest to get stuck because if you refuse to fight her, and then talk to her again, you will no longer have the sword in your inventory.  She will proceed to tell you to go get it again, creating a dead end to the quest because you've already collected the sword.

I fixed Bug #1 by flowing out the scene differently so that if you already have the sword in inventory, Jutta will now tell Geralt she wants the sword.  And rather than send Geralt to go retrieve a sword he already collected, Geralt is now smart enough to immediately tell Jutta he has it, and the quest moves on!

I fixed Bug #2 by modifying the step that removes the sword from inventory.  Instead of removing the sword before you agree to fight her, this fix removes the sword after you agree to fight her.  As such, if you choose not to fight her, you can talk to her again later and she will offer to fight you again.  This now follows the same path as the other conditions (Olaf, Pirates, and Gundar).

A couple of important items to note about the "Iron Maiden" quest:
  -This was a very tricky scene to edit because of all the branching scenarios.  One that I could not account for is if she sends you to fight Gundar and you choose instead to go collect the sword.  Be advised if you do this, you may end up with a red mark in your journal for fighting Gundar, but it should not prohibit advancing the quest.
  -There is a hierarchy for turning in the quests.  By default, the game looks for completion in the following order: Sword > Gundar > Pirates > Olaf.  So depending on which combinations of things you have completed, you may be forced down a path.  For instance, if you defeated the pirates AND you defeated Olaf, Jutta will acknowledge hearing that you defeated the pirates.  This is not a fault of my mod, but rather, the way the game is setup in that scene.
  -Although I could have locked the chest that contains the sword prior to Jutta sending you to get it, I intentionally chose not to go that route.  I made this decision for the completionists out there.  If you turned in one of the other conditions first (e.g. Olaf), then she would not send you on the quest to retrieve the sword, hence you would be locked out from collecting it.
  -When you approach Jutta the first time, if you have not met any of the criteria, the game randomly chooses where Jutta will send you: either she will send you to retrieve the sword, or she will send you to fight Gundar.  I did not touch this randomization process, but be advised it exists.  Again, it only comes into play if you approach her the first time having not met any of the criteria.

***PLEASE NOTE:  As of 4/18/21, I have completed my playthrough.  Unless there are some really egregious dead end dialogue issues that I missed, I am not planning any additional updates to this bug fix.***

Install by placing mod in the game's \mods folder or use a mod manager.

Use script merger to identify and resolve any conflicts.

Special Thanks and Credits
Thanks to Fanboy88 for pointing out the Crach dialogue issue.

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