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Made dismemberment an instant kill effect only work on weak enemies.

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I have always been curious what does dismember chance mean. If it's worth listing here, it must not be completely cosmetic. Not even google knew the exact answer, some say it's an instant kill while others say it's not, until I digged into the script and the latter was proven true.

This mod made it so that dismemberment is now an instant kill effect against weak enemies.

  1. Whenever you kill an enemy whose module is dismemberable, if your sword has a dismember chance, there is a chance to dismember it. If it was a critical hit or finisher, instead just dismember it. Oddly enough, dismember chance from the trophy is ignored.

  1. Whenever you strike a human-sized non-boss enemy, there is a 5% chance to dismember it outright. The chance is increased by both sword and trophy. (A human-sized enemy is an enemy able to be knocked down by Aard)
  2. Vanilla instant kill still has a cooldown, but it can now affect enemies who are immue to instant kills; it doesn't kill it outright, but instead deals 4x damage and forcibly staggers it. The damage popup will suggest that it's an instant kill.
  3. Huge enemies that are not immune to instant kills are made immune to instant kills, making them not get killed outright, but instead take 4x damage and stagger.
  4. If you stike with a heavy blow, the chance to dismember and the chance to instant kill are multiplied by x1.6.

Possibly Asked Questions
Q: Does it make the game too easy?
A: I don't think so. After all what's the use of instant kills in an RPG where bosses and elite enemies are immue to them?

Q: Can I have a version that doesn't change vanilla instant kill behavior?
A: Just if you can bear the ridiculousness that instant kill and dismemberment means the same thing except dismemberment is more common and trends to have higher chance.

Q: Does enemy level affect this?
A: No, it doesn't. A level 100 normal bandit will be dismembered by a level 10 Geralt who mounted a griffin head on Roach.

Q: Too frequently played instant kill slow motions bugged me. Any solution?
A: No Slow Motion and Disable Finisher Camera are the mod for you. I personally play with both of them.