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A mod consisting of some small bugfixes. Should I stumble upon minor bugs worth fixing, i'll update this file

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A mod consisting of some small bugfixes. Should I stumble upon minor gameplay/story bugs worth fixing, i'll update this file

This is compatible with more languages -> i never add things that are not in the game, i only fix bugs unrelated to any language, so all the strings for all the languages should be there.

Black pearl
  • Added a notice to the Novigrad's noticeboard beside Golden Sturgeon, if you read it, it will start the quest and Geralt will have a different conversation option while starting the quest with Nidas.
  • Cause(s) of the bug: 1) the world where the notice is being added needs to be loaded before actually adding it, but in this quest, it was being added right away while still in white orchard or vizima. 2) even if the world was loaded, it didn't add any notice that could be picked, so I corrected that as well.
  • Will not work if you don't start a new game, maybe it will work if you haven't yet found Yennefer or reached Vizima - i didn't look into it that much
Hidden in the depths
  • The quest no longer completes after looting the guarded treasure or reading the letter (if you had found the aforementioned guarded treasure) located northwest of the southern lighthouse (coordinates: 362,-1169,5 -> use tptopos(362,-1169,5) )

  • Cause of the bug: the guarded treasure adds a fact that the quest waits for (assumption, i didn't care about it that much and just edited the required fact to complete the quest to be different, and mapped it to the red-glowing chest in the cave that needs to be opened)
Till death do you part
  • An interactive grave now yields a unique line - there are 4 graves/tombstones/crypts that can be interacted with at the cemetery in Beauclair, within the city walls above the ground, but only 3 of them yield a line spoken by Geralt (with this bugfix, the 4th one will now work as well)
  • Cause of the bug: originally, the bugged grave was supposed to yield Pablo Picasso's comment, but the comment was changed a bit and mapped to another grave outside the city, close to the grave or the dead woman's mother, while the original mapping was removed. The other line was most likely forgotten though and wasn't mapped to any grave that would be spawned in the game, so i interchanged the mappings (Picassos's removed line with the forgotten line) and all the 4 graves yield a unique line.
UPDATE (4.3.2021) 

Father knows worst
  • The portrait at the inn where Hugo and his brothers reside after successfully completing the quest and achieving the good ending (all brothers live), can be interacted with. The problem is the interaction angle and distance from the painting (see screenshot) - it has something to do with the rotation of the painting, but i decided not to waste much more of my time fixing the interaction button, so this will have to do;)
  • This fix can be used even after "100%" completion
The beast of Toussaint
  • An item called "Grain Cup" can be properly picked up from the table/cart directly to the north of where Anna Henrietta makes her speech about finding the phoenix egg (close to the Unicorn glade). After picking it up, you can use it to feed the peacocks and trigger a unique remark from the 3 nobles nearby;) 
  • This sh*t alone took me 2 days to fix, and works at any point during the "finding milton phase" of the quest;)
The beast of Toussaint (part 2)
  • After you return the lost ring to the crying woman (the woman is on a small bridge over the small creek), you can properly trigger an interactive response from her (the interaction was there, but she didn't say a word due to a misstype)
  • This fix works at any point during the "finding milton phase" of the quest;)

Please, do not ask me for mod requsts or bug requests. I only fix the things that I encounter in my gameplay and that bother me. If you want something done, try to fix it yourself- i will be very happy to give you advice and guidance provided that i know it. I do not really care about bugs like npcs walking in circles, bad lightnings, shadows, graphics etc, so i'll never be fixing those even if i encounter them - you could probably ask some immersion modders for those, i mostly fix gameplay issues;)

Remember to endorse! It helps other people to find my bugfixes and to use them (after all, it's an RPG and story-wise fixes are probably the most important right now!) - it takes just a simple click, so don't be an arse and endorse (fyi, i endorse everything i download in order to show my thanks to the author):). I'd also like to thank very very much to everyone who endorses and writes a nice comment! I read them all, but i don't want to spam the message wall (with my comments of thanking you for thanking me :D ) if not necessary:)


Place modfixNidasDepthsGrave inside your *installation path*/mods folder (replace all if you have already used the 1st version)

You cannot resolve any conflicts, because this is not a script/xml based fix

For those interested in my "pack of mods" in order not to have a million modfiles installed - You can do it yourself - get wolvenkit (and official modtools, ofc), then add assets from another mod (repeat for all the mods you want to merge), then pack and install bundle - takes no more than 10 or 15 minutes of your time if you had never ever opened wolvenkit before.

I will post a complete collection, but only after i'm finished with the game and my fixes - don't know when that will be...maybe 2 months, maybe a year - until then, no general project;) The reason is also that if i somehow mess up (i always playtest my things, but it can happen) and upload a gamebreaking "fix", you would have to uninstall it, thus disabling the other fixes for the time being


1) Right now just add some missing/not spawning letters to the place where they are supposed to spawn

2) Keira's and White orchard's innkeep's conversations (once i get to those points in game)

As of now, i have completed almost all of the blood and wine sidequests and i will be starting with the main storyline shortly (going to kill the bruxa in corvo bianco), then i will proceed with ugly baby quest to go to kaer morhen (part 2), and after i am done with kaer morhen, i will start hearts of stone main storyline, then finish the part 3 to complete the game. Every bug (gameplay, conversation, journal entry) that i find and fix will be uploaded here as well

Additional info

This is the list of my additional bugfixes that i STRONGLY recommend to use as well:

If you like the bugfixes, endorsing them would make me very happy - and motivate me to produce more of them (there are a few more i'd like to add) - it's the least you can do for me:) After all, I'm spending time to fix and upload some overlooked stuff for free:)