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Adds a summery blouse for Yennefer. Both black and white versions available for download.

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I thought Yennefer needed some more casual, warm-weather clothes. (also I saw a random courtesan outside the Chameleon wearing this and thus the desire was born). There is a white version as well as a black version.

This is a TORSO only model. If you have mods that alter Yennefer's leg appearance, you can use them in conjunction with this mod! It is compatible with SBUI and Doppler, as it replaces her vanilla travel torso. To get Yennefer to wear it, she needs to be wearing her travel outfit. (If you'd like to force her to wear it instead of the gown, point to her, press ~ to open console, and type


It will remain active through cutscenes!  If there is interest, I will consider adding it as an option for her skirt as well.

INSTALLATION: Download, unzip, place modYenneferSummerBlouse (or modYenneferSummerBlouse_black) in your Witcher 3 directory in the mods folder.
UNINSTALL: Delete modYenneferSummerBlouse (or modYenneferSummerBlouse_black) from your mods folder.