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Retexture of Geralt's skin and eyes, together with suggested mods to achieve the intended look

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This mod is a retexture of Geralt's skin and eyes, together with a guide to suggested mods to achieve the intended look.

To break it down, I have created:

> new skin texture diffuse maps (the ones showing colour and surface detail) - supports all DLC
> eye texture to mimic the Killing Monsters trailer eyes

The above can be used in isolation, but in order to achieve "the look", also install the following mods from other, more talented mod authors:

Geralt Head Tweak (this is a mesh edit to change Geralt's face shape slightly)

Brutal Face Update (this mod provides normal/bump maps and ambient maps)

Beard Lock Mod (NoBeard option, because allowing Geralt's beard to grow will look wrong on the Head Tweak mesh. This will prevent any beard growth - Geralt does not like growing a beard)


> Install the mod files you want using Witcher 3 Mod Manager or NMM. Or manually. Up to you. This is not a mod installation tutorial.

> IMPORTANT: Give The Geralt Of Legend priority OVER Brutal Face Update. This will ensure that my skin texture gets used in place of Brutal Face, but the latter's normal and ambient maps will still be used.

Additional mods:

> To give Geralt's Viper armor a fresh, no-dye vanilla look, install the Viper Vanilla Enhanced mod file on this page, together with the following recommended mods:

E3 Boots Gloves And Pants (I recommend version 1, which looks better than 1.1 in my opinion - this will make the shape of the Viper gear look better)

Fix Viper KM Armors (the FixViper_NoShoelace file if like me, you dislike those dangly bits)

HD Chainmail For Viper Armors (gives the Viper armor actual chainmail texture front and back instead of the hideous drawn on stuff)

> To give Geralt's swords a static appearance regardless which swords you equip, for that "trailer" look, use these mods:

3 Pounds Of Steel (Wolf Swords file)

E3 Trailer Swords For Wolf Set (pick your flavour of scabbards - no wrong choices here)

It is also possible to do the same for the VIper Armor by downloading the relevant file from 3 Pounds Of Steel, but if you are using Ghost Mode, then this is not recommended since it conflicts quite a bit. 
Instead, head over to TW3 Gameplay Tweaks and use the Level Up Equipped Items file.


Most overhaul mods will offer compatibility challenges, so if you see something looking funky, you've probably stepped over the compatibility line.

That's pretty much it. If you are unsure about anything, leave a comment and I will try to help.

Have fun!