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Here you go! Im so happy for this because its my first upload here. Geralt Cocky turns into Smooth Combat! Make sure you read detailed description.

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Hello. Mix of moves for Geralt was firstly created by amazing guy vincemeister55 ! I really really liked his mix of moves for Geralt in combat but some things I didnt like from that mod and also I wanted to add more stuff. It was vannila dodges in combat. So my idea was to replace those vannila dodges with dodges that exist in E3 .  Because I think that dodge is one of the most powerfull and realistic side dodges that exists. So I did that and also added many features. You can read down bellow.

I will keep enchanting this mod in couple of versions by me. New versions out!

Also this wouldnt be possible if not PatrioticBat. Thanks to you man I manage to do this add on on nexus. Without his help I would probably never do it. He was patient to have time for me guide me so I understand modding how it works and to understand some values and what they do. So huge thanks to him and big love to him <3 . Also im huge fan of his work and supporting his work a lot. Make sure also that you check his YouTube channel PatrioticBat. Those guys just did something amazing to my fav game . I can write entire novel about those guys .

So what you have down bellow is what mod features which is already explained by vincemeister55  but I will post also here.
I did many add on's which changes entire experience.  This is edit/add on from one of his mods which is called Cocky Geralt combined with E3 dodge animations and different swordplay/taunt animations, which I added in my versions of the mod.  If I do more changes to my versions of the mod you can check for features down bellow. EDIT: I did so check features down bellow.

1. Geralt taunts during combat when idle (2 taunts) - I updated it with more different taunts in new Alternative Version
2. Combo of Pirouette dodges and vanilla dodges - So what I did is replace vannila dodges with dodges seen in E3
3. Combo of Pirouette/Semi-Pirouette and vanilla rolls (just press the "roll" button when Geralt is idle during combat to preform the vanilla roll)
4. The O.G "VGX Swordwalk"
5. 2 hands on sword during combat - only when you are going backward 
6. E3 jog
7.E3 examine
8. I added new guard position's in new Alternative Version V2 along with new taunts, so Geralt looks that he is more oriented to strong attack's
9. Added 3 optional files.
10. Main file is now fixed version. Its without taunts , vannila combat stance/alert and 1 handed approach from all directions. 
11. -/-

Whats new in Alternative version : Main version of file doing VGX Sword Walk animation in every situation but 2 hands on sword while going backward in combat doesnt work so i added alternative version which adds that but then you will not have VGX Sword Walk animation while sprinting in combat, but who sprint in combat anyways that often. So pick what you like more.

Alternative V2: Its same as alternative version just this version gives 2 hands on sword when Geralt is in left/right IDLE position's AKA without block in combat. Also I added 2 taunts to be in synergy with those positions , best taunts for those guard stop positions. Its best out there, trust me. ;)

For best experience Im using it with E3 Improved Combat Animations, Immersive Cam + Immersive Motion from same page, Its a must have!

Showcase Of Smooth Combat Mod is here

Showcase Of Smooth Combat Alternative V2

Peace! :)

Credits:   PatrioticBat for teaching me how to do it -  vincemeister55 for mixing my fav mix of moves which I liked a lot and inspired me to do it


CD Project RED , big love !!!

"I'm a witcher. Heard you wondering about my swords. Well, one's for monsters, the other - for humans. Only got one prick though, In case you're wondering about that, too."