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Simple mod that makes the end-game rewards for beating the expansion more "rewarding".

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This mod changes the rewards that you get in the Hearts of Stone Expansion only.

With this mod, you will get the following changes:

"Good Ending" rewards you with:
1. Olgierd's Sabre (Iris)
2. Devil's Saddle
3. Cornucopia
4. Soltis Vodka

Note: This ending nets you the least amount of Exp for choosing it with 250 Exp. You also get NO money at all for choosing this ending. I felt it was fitting that Geralt would get all the other O'Dimm rewards as well since those were technically things he would've wished for. But since he was able to "beat" O'Dimm at his game, I mentally justified the reasoning by believing that Geralt should've gotten everything he ever wanted for truly beating O'Dimm at the end.

"Bad Ending" rewards:
1. Increased the Exp gain for choosing the "Only Exp" reward to 5,000 Exp. (This should level you up 2.5 levels)
2. Increased Exp for all other O'Dimm's rewards to 1,000 Exp, so it feels like you're still getting something. (Making a deal with the Devil after all)
3. Increased the Gold reward for choosing "Want to be rich" option to 100,000 crowns. This feels fitting, since you are selling your soul for this material wealth after all, as opposed to the measly 5,000 crowns he gave you before. (Seriously, how is 5,000 at all worth it to even consider that an option?)

Note: You still get the individual rewards for the Devil's Saddle, Cornucopia, and Soltis Vodka by choosing those rewards, but you also get the added bonus of 1,000 Exp alongside them. I tried to make each of the "Bad Ending" rewards enticing enough to not make the "Good Ending" feel too good.

Other rewards in the expansion that I tweaked as well are:
1. Increased contract reward for completing Olgierd's contract from 450 crowns to 5,000.
2. Increased the selling price of the painting you get from the Auction house from it's measly 500 crowns to 2,500 crowns.

  • This mod should be compatible with almost all mods, as long as they don't modify the Hearts of Stone DLC rewards.xml. If you have other mods that modify the dlc/ep1/data/gameplay/rewards/rewards.xml file, then merging is recommended.
  • This mod works completely in NG+ as well.

Simply extract, drag and drop into your mods folder.