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An (Almost) Complete Overhaul for The Witcher 3's exploration music (Also with Taverns Music !)

Fixed all the issues that were present in the previous version, this new 2.0 version is 100% clean and shouldn't have any audio issue (like louder music in some regions, now all the musics have the same volume as the vanilla)

Permissions and credits

Don't forget to Endorse the mod if you enjoyed it, it's a nice way to show love and support for a mod creator ^^

Now with Combat Replacements (yayy scroll down for infos)

Before I continue, i would love to thank Ridog8 for his HUGE help in the making of this mod, he helped me to solve some issues with the original mod, remastered all the songs in this mod and he also helped doing the Non-Replacement version of this mod as he did all the Skellige music part, he's been friendly to me since i started this mod and has always been here for me while we were both working on it, this mod wouldn't be what it is without him that's for sure !

*Changelog from the last Version (2.0) : 
The Toad Prince Combat Music have been changed for another one, as i chose to use that soundtrack for another region, since i liked it quite a lot and wanted to hear it more often
As for the Taverns Music, I changed 4 tracks, that some people didn't like or i didn't find that fitting, for 4 new ones that are more enjoyable, i uploaded it as "Taverns Alt" file in case people wanna choose between the two, still have the same problem with those shitty bards at the wedding quest in HoS...*

This mod replaces the music in these areas :
(Don't mind the little buggy sound at the beginning of some of the tracks, this is just Youtube messing up my audio)


- Velen Regions 
- North Velen

- South East Velen

- South West Velen 

- Baron's Castle

- Swamps (and the Crones Village)

- Fyke Island

- Nilfgaardian Camp at the SouthEast Bottom of the Map

- Novigrad and Oxenfurt

- Novigrad's Market District - Brothel

- Novigrad's Rich District

- Novigrad's Poor Disctrict

- Temple Island       

- Outskirts of Novigrad (Also plays in the regions where HoS is based)

- The Cities' Undergrounds

- King of Beggars' Indoors (Also plays in Djikstra's Brothel i think, TBD)

- Oxenfurt - 1                                                                                                                   - Oxenfurt - 2


- Kaer Morhen

- Skellige

- An Skellig

- Ard Skellig

- An Craite's Village

- Kaer Trolde

- Faroe

- Undvik

- Spikeroog

- Hindarsfjall

- Freya's Garden

As for the Combat Replacements :
"Leszy" By DreymaMusic - Fantasy Composer plays when you're fighting in South-West Velen :

Combats in North Velen regions play the Hym Fight Song (Almost unused song, only plays in the Hym Quest under certain conditions) (Starts at 1:22) : 

Fights in Crow's Perch region play "Just Punishment" from The Witcher game Thronebreaker :

Combat in Kaer Trolde (Or in An Craite Settlements, TBD) will play "Battle of Brothers" from the Vikings show :

Combats in Novigrad - Market Place/Brothel Harbor will play the music we heard during the fight in the ANTR Trailer :

Combats in Novigrad's Poor District will play "Retribution" from Thronebreaker :

Combats in Novigrad's Rich District will play "The Assassin Looms" from The Witcher 2 :

Combats in Ard Skellig will play this song :

Fights while Monster Hunting in Skellige will play this track :

Combats in Undvik - Including against the Frozen Giant - Play "A Giant Dance" (Liked the Viking-Pagan Vibe it gives to Undvik) :


The Fight against the Crones with Ciri will play "The Bloody Mistress" From Thronebreaker :

The Fight against Imlerith will play Drive them Back from Thronebreaker : 

The Fight against Eredin will play "Northern Steel" from Antti Martikainen Music : 

The Fight against the Toad Prince in HoS plays "Lair of the Beast" from Thronebreaker :

Fistfights in Skellige will play "Fight Club" from Assassin's Creed III :

As for the Fistfights in the Continent, they will play "Rescuing Shani" from The Witcher :

[OPTIONAL] This mod also replaces the Taverns music (Along with Dandelion's Tavern's Music), check the [Videos] Section for a compilation of different songs you can hear in the taverns, some songs, mainly Nordic ones, play only in Skellige, while others play only in the Continent.

BUT : There is one unsolvable issue with the Taverns Music Replacement, the Bards in the Wedding Quest with Shani in HoS seem to loop at 0,0100 milliseconds into the music infinitely, which is weird, that is why i put it as an optional file, other than that, the taverns musics all play well in-game and have no issue ! 

As for the Taverns Musics, i replaced 4 tracks with these four :


1 - Choose the file you want to download : You can download each file in standalone (Replacer/Non-Replacer, Gwent Music, Taverns/Taverns Alt, Combat Music with Vortex or Manually OR you can just Download the All in One File (Manually only) OR you can use the Vortex Installer version with a Fomod and everything :)

2 - If you Download the All in One file, just choose whatever you want to install between the previously cited mods, and drag&drop them to your Mods Folder

3- Tadaa 

I will add more replacements in the future, like combats music replacements, cutscenes music (like the love scenes music, repetitive and kinda boring imo) or other regions i left untouched, like Wyzima (i liked the music there) I'm taking suggestions, just don't ask for too much :) 

As for a side note, i would like to add that, as i am quite new to modding, i would love it if you guys Gave me feedback on what i can improve, i tested the music myself, and had someone to test it for me for some parts, but i still have yet to test it in the DLCs (i am still in the middle of a LOT of studies and i have no time to actually play, i did this mod because i didn't like to left it unfinished)

Credits :

Thanks to Ridog8, who collaborated in doing this mod with me, helped me understand The Witcher's audio modding a little better, and helped me resolve some of my problems 

HUGE Thanks To robx99for his HUGE help with the mod, without him, this mod wouldn't be like it actually is

Thanks to the creator of Music Overhaul Project - MOP, Moahofer30, who allowed me to use his mod as a base to learn how to do my own music mod !

Many Thanks to S3ltkirk for his feedback on the test versions of this mod !

Thanks CDPR for the amazing game, too bad they didn't have a better 2020 years, hopefully they will get up this year :) 

And Thanks to you all who Supports me, Endorse my mods, and help me improve my skills !