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This mod fixes several tiny conversations that are used by the game. They are either so minor/neglectable or are not quest related, so they do not require special treatment/their own page

Permissions and credits

This mod fixes several conversations encountered in the game (and is subject to change). These conversations are currently:

Crippled Kate's prostitutes
  • If You slept with Mercia, Bertha will think you slept with her as well, and vice versa
  • If You met Mercia, Bertha will think you met her as well, and vice versa
  • This mod fixes those 2 issues and those 2 prostitutes are no longer linked together
In wolf's clothing
  • After you defeat Morkvarg, choosing the conversation option "Don't like being a werevolf?" for the first time should trigger 2 more lines than usual, but they are skipped due to faulty conditions
  • This mod fixes this issue and adds those 2 new lines the first time the conversation is triggered
Gwent: To Everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament!
  • The first time you talk to Monnier, if you choose the conversation option "New factions - where'd you get the idea?" for the first time, count Monnier answers you correctly. If you, however, choose it the second time, the conversation abruptly ends for no reason
  • This mod fixes this issue, and Monnier replies correctly
A matter of life and death
  • After you run into Moritz Diefenthel and enter the main feast, you can see 2 pairs (a man + a woman, and 2 men) having some conversations. Originally there are 3 different conversations for each of the pair, triggered randomly, but suddenly, they stop talking and do not start again. This is due to a "4th" pointer that points nowhere and the conversations just stop
  • This mod fixes this issue, and only the proper 3 conversations per pair will be triggered, not letting those pairs to stop talking

Cause of the bugs

There are several reasons for the bugs, some might include duplicate facts, adding facts too soon, missing pointers etc.


Place the modFixRandomChats inside your *installation path*/mods folder

Additional info

This is the list of my additional bugfixes:

If you like the bugfixes, endorsing them would make me very happy - and motivate me to produce more of them (there are a few more i'd like to add) - it's the least you can do for me:) After all, I'm spending time to fix and upload some overlooked stuff for free:)