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ReShade Preset for Phoenix Ligtning Mod.

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This is my first Mod, and making a ReShade preset is a good start i think. Im a big fan of Phoenix Lightning Mod and i want to make it to looks like a little bit different, without loosing all the improvement what PLM do. My aim was this little wow factor, cutting out more details with adaptive and edge sharpening, bringing more contrast with high quality bloom, god rays and lens flares, more light interacting with selfshadowing, bouncing light, interactive colour and MXAO, they are carfully tuned and not overpresent.

My Preset uses lots of great Technics like selfshadowing, god rays, cinematic effects, colour interacting, blooming and more.
I have put them all carefully together and all settings working perfectly as a team with great visual and good performance, depending on your machine 10-15 frames.


You need Phoenix Lightning Mod, you can use other light mods or Vanilla but results are different and ReShade may not work like intended

Download newest ReShade and  install, you dont need to download shader, all is provided in my download file 
drop my files in to your Witcher3 folder overwrite when ask

Start your game and open Reshade with POS1, load my profile than check the  performance mode on the right bottom, close ReShade 

Go in game menu grafics  and disable sharpening, antialiasing, chromatic alteration, lightshafts.

Start playing :)