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New icons for runes with visual ranks and effects.
(Classic Edition)

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For Witcher 3 - v1.31/1.32

Runestone icons replacement with rank and effect indicators.


Standard :
1)Added additional stripes to make it easier to differentiate rune rank.
2)Added a small icon on the rune for easier indication of the rune effect.

3)Slightly redone color balance depending on the rank of the rune.
4)Added a small glow of rank 2 runes.

Standard + Recolor :
Changed the color of the "Perun" icon. It gives adrenaline and (to my taste) it makes more sense for it to be red.

Standard + Banana :
Banana rune effect icon for "Stribog".

Standard +Lesser Runestone :
Added a small anvil icon on the Lesser Runestone.

No Effect Icons :

Only additional stripes of ranks. No rune effect icons, no Lesser Runestone icon and not recolored "Perun".

Various combination :
+ Banana + Lesser Runestone

Standard+ Recolor + Banana
+ Recolor + Lesser Runestone
+Recolor + Banana + Lesser Runestone


Default RuneIcons - Vanilla :

Returns standard icons in the crafting menu.

Default RuneIcons - Ranks :
Returns icons with ranks in the crafting menu (No rune effect icons). For Standard version.

Default RuneIcons - Ranks + Recolor :
Returns icons with ranks in the crafting menu (No rune effect icons). For Recolored "Perun" version.

Unzip and move in to your mods folder. Use Script Merger if you use "Default RuneIcons" mod.

- Deepk for his advice and help.
- wghost81 for helping me figure out some things.
- crommcruac for his amazing mod Runestone Icons. His work prompted me to make my own version.
- sortX and his must have mod HUD Default Icons. I used it as an example, to create standard icons in crafting menu.