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This mod fixes the conversation with Yennefer and Yennefer no longer states that Geralt has a beard if he has no beard.

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I am the type of the guy who does not like shagged or long hairstyle, and i dislike any kind of beards (maybe except friendly muttonchops for the fun's sake), thus I got insulted by Yennefer saying that I had grown a beard even though i had not.

For this reason, I checked the game files - and voila - I found out that Yennefer was supposed to have a different line for clean shaved Geralt.


This mod is made for myself, and since I made it for myself, I decided to also post it in here. If you've already attended the Kaer Trolde feast or if you like having beard, this mod is useless for you. Also, xLetalis is kinda running out of witcher 3 videos/hidden facts, so if he stumbles upon this, I think he would be able to make an entire video about this line haha :D

Cause of the bug

Geralt has an invisible equipment slot for his "head" - that is, beard length/style, and for his hairstyle. The conversation's conditions were that Geralt was supposed to have either clear shaved head, or clear shaved head with a tattoo, in his inventory. The correct condition, however, is for Geralt to have any of those "heads" equipped instead of inside his inventory - this I fixed. Of course, if you do have any facial hairstyle except being clear shaven, Yennefer will comment about you having a beard, even if it's just the stubble.


place the modFixYenneferBeardDialogue inside your *installation path*/mods folder.