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Less particle, no wind influence & no smoke on firestream. Better igni cone with more particles.

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Hi there fellow witchers! 
This is my 3rd and most likely the final mod project for the witcher 3.

The mod aims overall better experience for my favourite sign, Igni. both cone & firestream. I've tried to achieve best possible result with my limited experience on it. More narrow look of firestream, less particle, no wind influence, extended attack range in terms of gameplay (you may notice the difference during combat) , more particle on igni cone.
Overall better and more orange-ish color imo.

This mod will not drastically change the look of igni. It depens very well on the lighting mod you're using. The changes are subtle, the default fx of lighting does most the job. and the bloom is key , not just for the igni but all fire fx.

The lighting mod used in the screens is took lighting mod from tookaface. i definetely recommend it;

So do not expect the vfx like the old e3 trailers, demos. Wish i could make the mod that identical to the e3 demo gameplays but i couldn't find a way.
Not possible for now, at least with my knowledge. Any help would be welcomed. I want to learn more & will be grateful to people who help me.

Key Features;

- Extended attack range. You'll notice it during combat. So the firestream reaches furter than vanilla distance, but the visual fx is the same as vanilla. 
I couldn't find a way to make the fx longer sadly. Need some help about that.

- No firestream smoke.

- No wind influence. (removed from both igni cone & firestream)

- Almost no distortion.

- Less particle on igni to make it look more narrow, thin fx.

- Overall better orange-ish color.


- Unpack the archive & put mods folder into your main game folder.

ie:  C:\GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\ or
     C:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\


- Remove modBetterIgni from mods folder.


Tested on v1.31 Gog & Steam. v1.32 Gog & Steam game versions with all the dlcs and the expansions installed. So it's fully compatible with those game versions.
Not compatible with Hyadum's Yrden Igni Lightsource mod, but if you use yrden lightsource only file, it's compatible.

Credits & Special Thanks

RISE25 for his beta testing and video demonstrations.

Sarcenzzz for W3 Mod Editor tool.

traderain and the other guys who working on the amazing tool: Wolvenkit.

and my other friends from the modding discord servers.