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A small application written in python to help answer the questions: "If I mod this w2mesh, which appearances will be effected?", "if I mod this mesh, which other meshes might appear alongside it?", and "what meshes are tied to this appearance?"

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This is a small application provided as a python library for helping modders find dependencies between appearances and mesh templates.

The main premise is to select a number of items from the file tree on the left hand side of the application, and pressing the "update" button will find the related files and paste them into the file tree on the right. There are three modes of operation as selected by a drop-down menu:

"appearances -> templates"
Select appearances which occur in npc and player character entity files, and go find all the mesh templates which occur in those appearances.

"templates -> appearances"
Select mesh templates, and go find all appearances the mesh occurs in.

"templates -> appearances -> templates"
Select mesh templates, and go find all other mesh templates that occur in an appearance with one of the selected templates.

A database of appearances and templates is required to find these dependencies, and one is included with the program which I have generated with a majority of the human character entity templates. The included database is fairly complete, but probably missing a few things here and there, and does not intent to include non-human entity files. A new database can be generated by exporting all CR2W files as txt files using the WolvenKit's CR2W To Text tool should you want to include additional entity files. The database can then be selected with the "file" menu by selecting the "Bundle" folder where the txt files were exported.

This program requires python 3 (I'm currently using 3.8), and pyqt5.
If you don't have python installed, I would recommend a WinPython distribution with PyQt5 already installed.

You can install the program by unzipping the file to a folder in your python distribution's "Lib/site-packages" folder. Then find and edit "" to select file paths to The Witcher 3D models converter and your uncooked game files.

How To Run:
open a command prompt and type the following: python -m AppearanceMapper

  • Added copy output action to copy file paths of output to clipboard.
  • The "database" format has been exchanged to python's built-in "pickle" format (inside the to reduce computation overhead when loading as well as file size.
  • A new database generated from every single w2ent, reddlc, and w3app in the vanilla game is available as a separate file (fairly certain I got everything)