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Enjoy the game with much better & quality animations you deserved! :)

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Hello there fellow witchers!

I'm very excited to release this mod here. The animation mod i've been working on for a long time.
This mod aims to bring back most of the animations from 2014 demo footages. Exact 2014 dodge system & most of the exploring animations.

Note: Keep in mind this system is completely different than the vanilla dodge system. ie there is no forward dodges.
You'll need some time to understand how the system works.

Check out the Videos section and take a look about how the parkour and combat works.

Note2: You're not be able to control the direction of the side dodges unlike the vanilla one. But don't worry. You can still use the side dodges but just can't select the direction. It will choose the right or left randomly.

Main Features

- Exact 2014 style dodge system;

- 2014 side dodges instead of vanilla forward dodges. (to perform side dodges, press forward and dodge button.)

- 2014 backward dodges instead of vanilla backward dodges.

- * New unique and cool looking backward half pirouettes instead of vanilla backward roll. Be careful tho. It's range is not the same as vanilla roll. You may need to perform this move twice to extend the distance from enemy.

- Pirouettes instead of side and forward rolls.

- Pirouettes instead of the roll animations ,  on the fistfight. Including backward pirouette instead of backward roll animation.

- 2014 inspired new better movement system. 

-In combat, both hands on the sword while moving forward & backward.

Bonus Features

- Slower and cool Quen casting animation. With & without the sword.

- Slower, cool looking Axii casting animation. So you have to keep the distance between your enemy and Geralt to cast this sign properly. Be careful.
If you have the ability called delusion is equipped, the way and speed of axii casting animation will be the same as vanilla. I don't know why.

- Quicker crossbow fire and reload animation.

Note3: You'll see 2 main files. Keep in mind, you have to choose only one!

All the main and bonus features are common by the way.

2014 Animation System :

 All the features above + new movement system that almost identical to the 2014 demos.  no slow walking. similiar to the 2014 style movement cycle like;
New walking  - slow jog - fast jog - sprint  + same animations have been applied with the sword.

- Works best on gamepad. 

Animations Revamped :

 Inspired a lot from 2014 demos with the vanilla movement system. the movement cycle is like;
vanilla slow walking - vanilla fast walking - fast jog - sprint  + sprint with the sword animations.

- Works best on gamepad & keyboard.


- Pick one of the main file and download it.

- Unpack the archive & put mods folder into your main game folder.
ie:  C:\GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\ or
     C:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\

- Install the v4.2 main file of  Immersive Cam . This is required for the proper slow jogging and jumping animations. A must have!

- After installed immersive cam, check the possible conflicts via 
Script Merger and merge them if needed.


- Remove modAnimation or modAnimationsRevamped from mods folder.


Tested on v1.31 Gog & Steam. v1.32 Gog & Steam game versions with all the dlcs and the expansions installed. So it's fully compatible with those game versions.

- It's not compatible with the other animation mods. and please do not ask me to make it compatible with any other mod.
You can't imagine how big effort and time consuming on this work.

The Final Note: The only downside of this mod , also affects Ciri. You'l notice the strange jogg anims for Ciri.
But tbh i don't care about her. So if Ciri is your favourite and important , then you have to remove the mod before run the game to play as Ciri. Don' t know if i'll fix it in future or not.
Any help from the modders are welcomed to teach me how to fix it.
There will not be added any modular or alternate version of this mod. So please do not ask for it.

Credits & Special Thanks

FumioShwartz for his big help, discovering E3 fast jogging. Letting me using of his E3 fast jogging animation.
Teaching me how to replace the cool looking backward half pirouette anim instead of the vanilla roll. A dream came true thanks to this man!

DreLL47 for his inspirational findings like slow jog, swordplay, sword wielding & movement animations with the sword.
Back in 2017, i was about to give up this game, just because the awful dodge system. thanks to Drell and his e3dodgesystem mod, i've stayed on the game untill today. So i respect him.

dvirzigel1 for his E3 moves mod. Discovering the E3 examine clue, E3 forward & idle animated jumping, E3 sprinting with sword, E3 exploring Igni &
E3 backward dodge animations. I'm grateful.

PatrioticBat for his big patience & big amount of help. man you're the boss! you're patron.

RISE25 for his beta testing and video demonstrations.

Sarcenzzz for W3 Mod Editor tool.

traderain and the other guys who working on the amazing tool: Wolvenkit.

CD Projekt Red for creating such a masterpiece. alongside with the most complicated modding experience.

and my other friends from the modding discord servers.

Happy Hunting :)