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Less spinning, no finishers, more fluid combat.
Enjoy the new 2014 inspired gameplay experience!

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Hi there fellow witchers!
I've analyzed many of combat videos from 2014 E3 footages & some of the good modded videos. and decided to make some edits by the inspirations of those. Tried my best to enhance the witcher 3 combat & gameplay experience.

This mod is based on the fantastic and functional mod "Extensible Finishers" from aznricepuff

So please take a moment, go to his profile and give him a kudos. This mod wouldn't exist without his amazing work.

Key features:

- %100 dismemberment chance.

- No Finishers. %100 dismemberment chance instead of finishers.

- No instakill and instant knockdown finishers.

- No slow motion. (with the exception of using weapon enchanting (from HoS) or the mutations from BaW expansion )

- Camera shake on all the attack situations. Less shaking on light attacks, intense shaking on heavy attakcs. including critical hits and dismemberments.

- Disabled some of the long range spinning light attack animations to make combat more fluid and less annoying. Replaced them with some of the medium range fast attacks.

- No more perform long range spinning animations consequtively. So you can enjoy the fight against the larger sized enemies than Geralt with no trouble.
Less spinning, more fluid combat exprerience.

Misc & Bonus Gameplay Features:

- Gamepad vibration on all the attack and defense situations.
(In vanilla, while on combat, attacking the enemy with the sword for instance, no gamepad vibration at all, which is unfortunate.)

- Disabled the gamepad vibration after Quen is expired.

- No more gamepad vibration while approach the place of power & drawing the energy.

- Disabled the comments by Geralt while approach the place of powers & monster nests.

- No fall damage & rolling downstairs.

- Some tweaks on Aard and aard knockdown mechanics. Also applied some bug fixes and improvements.
So the vanilla Aard is pretty weak imo. both visually and in terms on gameplay.
They've showcased this sign as "powerful air blast" in E3 stage demos.. Now imo it's better as it should be.
Aard is more powerful and in addition, you'll able to knock down / stagger the huge montsters like werewolves, bears, even fiends.


Tested on v1.31 Gog & Steam. v1.32 Gog & Steam game versions with all the dlcs and the expansions installed. So it's fully compatible with those game versions.


- Unpack the archive & put mods folder into your main game folder.
ie C:\GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\ or
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\

- First of all, make sure you've installed the very useful mod: Community Patch Base  (install the main file) . This is a must have for the Gog goty owners to eliminate the most likely script compatibility issues, due to small script differences between platforms.

- Use Script Merger to check & merge the conflicts if any other mods to conflict with this one.

- Please read carefully the sticky comment on Posts tab by me.


- Remove the file named modGameplayExperience2014 from mods folder
- Use Script Merger to delete merges related to this mod & re-merge your other scripts again.

aznricepuff  for his huge amount of efforts with Extensible Finishers mod.