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Gwent Cards PNG Repository with a simple guide how to build a game mod using your own gwent card images.

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Setting up the environment

  1. Create a base directory for your mod (modDir) - D:\Mods\Gwent
  2. * you can choose other drives and directory names
  3. Create a subdirectory in modDir - Modded
  4. Create subdirectories in Modded
  5. For original cards - gameplay\gui_new\icons\gwint
    For alternative cards - dlc\dlc8\data\gameplay\gui_new\icons\gwint
    * you must use exactly these names
  6. Download the Gwent Cards PNG Repository zip file from the NexusMods Files section
  7. Unzip the downloaded zip file to modDir
  8. When all directories have been created
  9. D:\Mods\Gwent\Modded\gameplay\gui_new\icons\gwint

Processing the images

  1. Select some image files from the GwentCardsRepository and copy them to directory Modded
  2. Files from directories Alternative and AlternativeSamples must be copied to Modded\dlc\dlc8\data\gameplay\gui_new\icons\gwint
    All other files must be copied to Modded\gameplay\gui_new\icons\gwint
  3. Use your favorite image editing software and open the copied files for editing
  4. Image format restriction: PNG (image/png)
    Image size restriction: 309 x 444 pixels (W x H)
    * for a quick mod building test just copy 4 sample files from the GwentCardsRepository\AlternativeSamples to directory 

Building a mod

  1. Install Official ModKit
  2. Download -> Unzip -> Run setup.exe
    Note where the software was installed (modKitDir)
    * patched (faster) wcc_lite
  3. Create a batch file in modDir - build.bat
  4. Add content to the file

  5. set modDir=D:\Mods\Gwent
    set gameDir=D:\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
    set modKitDir=D:\Programs\Witcher 3 Mod Tools
    set modName=modGwentCards

    cd /d "%modKitDir%\bin\x64"

    .\wcc_lite cook -platform=pc -mod="%modDir%\Modded" -basedir="%modDir%\Modded" -outdir="%modDir%\Cooked"
    .\wcc_lite buildcache textures -basedir="%modDir%\Modded" -platform=pc ^
    -db="%modDir%\Cooked\cook.db" -out="%modDir%\Packed\%modName%\content\texture.cache"
    .\wcc_lite pack -dir="%modDir%\Cooked" -outdir="%modDir%\Packed\%modName%\content"
    .\wcc_lite metadatastore -path="%modDir%\Packed\%modName%\content"

    robocopy "%modDir%\Packed" "%gameDir%\mods" /S

  6. Check variables
  7. modDir - your mod base directory
    gameDir - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt base directory
    modKitDir - Official ModKit base directory
  8. Save changes and run the file
  9. * if your current build has fewer/different cards than your previous build, and you want vanilla cards back, you should delete the modDir\Cooked and modDir\Packed subdirectories before running the file.
  10. Check that your mod modGwentCards has been copied to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt mods directory
  11. * do not use other mods that change the appearance of gwent cards

What is the 'Alternative'?

The 'Alternative' means that you may have 10 alternative gwent card images which came with DLC 'Ballad Heroes: Neutral Gwent Card Set'.

You can toggle between 'Alternative' and 'Original' images in the game main menu.

Main Menu -> Downloadable Content -> Options -> Ballad Heroes... -> On/Off
On: cards from directory dlc\dlc8\data\gameplay\gui_new\icons\gwint (Alternative)
Off: cards from directory gameplay\gui_new\icons\gwint