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Retextured Wolf Gear to look darker without blackening everything.

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Discontinued. Supports only 1.21

CDPR changed the colors of the witcher sets while introducing the new dye system. They apparently changed specular maps too which I didn't include in this mod, thus the colors won't appear as intended. As for now please install the mod Original Witcher sets colors by Scoutbr0, which restores the original colors. In files you will find a version only changing the wolf set. 

You will then have to set priorities for the load order to ensure my retexture will display.
Go to /Documents/Witcher3/mods.settings and write:


I will update the mod to include specular maps, when I'm going to retexture the grandmaster set. For now this just works fine.



This Mod retextures the wolf gear. I chose black instead of red as the primary color without hiding those beautiful leather textures. As I liked the way the armor of Eskell and Lambert looked, i kept a red as accent color. 

As result you get a look which kind of reminded me of the starting armor in the first Witcher game (for Tier 1) and of Ravens armor in Witcher 2. I personally think this look suits Geralt really well, as it can be considered a "black" armor, but still fits into the relatively colorful world of CDPR. In my opinion a completely black armor is way to unrealistic, as materials like leather or cloth should have some fluctuation in shade and color. 

I strongly dislike the tier 1 gauntlet model of the wolf set, because it looks as if Geralt is about to do some gardening. I replaced the model with the starting set gauntlet, as i think it fits in perfectly.

I hope you enjoy it!

As requested i added a few more versions:
- Dark Version: orignial version. darker look with red accents.
- Black Versions: no red accents
- Dark Version without T2 stripes: version with no red stripes on T2 armor
- Dark Version Armor Only: only the armor of the wolf set is changed to the "Dark Version". Trousers, gauntlets and shoes remain as in vanilla.
- Black Version Armor Only: only the armor of the wolf set is changed to the "BlackVersion". Trousers, gauntlets and shoes remain as in vanilla.
- Dark Version with Dark Shirt: dark version with dark undershirt.
- Black Version with Dark Shirt: black version with dark undershirt.



1. Choose the version of your liking and use NMM  or drop the folder inside the .rar in your <witcher3 installation directory>/Mods/ folder (create it if

2. Install Original Witcher sets colors by Scoutbr0

3. Go to /Documents/Witcher3/mods.settings and write:




worked on the tier 2 armor of the "dark" version. removed the red stains on the stitchings.
the changes were applied to: "dark armor", "dark armor only" and "dark armor dark shirt" versions.
"black" versions are untouched. 

initial version


Thanks to Antaris for some beatiful screenshots.


Mods I used for the screenshots:
Lore friendly Witcher Eyes/Vanilla Pupils (thanks to DazzlingDjango)
Super Turbo Lighting Mod (thanks to Essenthy)
UBER Fidelity Suite 2 Realistic (thanks to Xiorattha)