The Witcher 3
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this mod makes merchants always give the random card when playing them, as many times as you play them.

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Merchants always give cards
merchants will always give you that random card when you beat them, regardless of how many times you beat them.
Merchants always give cards- NO DUPLICATES
This version is the same as above except that it will not ever give you duplicates (for balance purposes)

This mod only affects merchants you have not already played!!!
it SHOULD work regardless of whether or not you played them, however when i tested it, they werent giving me any new cards despite the fact that the code says they should be. it may also work if you have only played them once. you will have to see and figure it out.

  • Add new cards to the random list so that it isnt just the crap of the crap. (no heroes or best of the best cards obviously