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Always dismember enemies on kill.

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If you are running the GOG version of the game and are getting script errors please also download the SCRIPT ERROR FIX file on the downloads page.


Ultra Gore 2 is a mod that forces dismemberment to occur on all dismember-able(?) enemies that are killed by the player. It does not make Geralt any stronger and it does not make the combat any easier. This effect is entirely visual and has no effect on gameplay.

Check out the video to see it in action:

There are 3 versions of the mod available:

Always - Forces the dismemberment to always occur. This is the default file.
Often - Greatly increases the dismemberment chance over the vanilla game. ~75% chance. Found under optional files.
Sometimes - Increases the dismemberment chance over the vanilla game. ~50% chance. Found under optional files.
(Only one file now, 100% dismemberment)

This mod is a new and improved version of my old mod, Ultra Gore. This new version has none of the limitations of the older mod and finally provides 100% dismemberment. It is also now fully compatible with Nexus Mod Manager.


Using Nexus Mod Manager
Download your desired using Nexus Mod Manager and activate.

Download your desired version and then copy the modUltraGore2 folder into your <Witcher 3 Install directory>\mods directory. If the mods directory does not exist you will need to create it.

NOTE: If you are using any other mod that alters the script file you will need to merge them with script merger.


Using Nexus Mod Manager
Deactivate the mod

Delete the modUltraGore2 folder in the <Witcher 3 Install directory>\mods directory.