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Changes Iris' outfit colour to white

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Requested by XenoVars, this mod recolours Iris’ black gown and makes it white.

It is not “white” white, but “greyish-yellow” white, as the true white colour looks too bright and unnatural in-game. 
The boots remain black. 

The final look of the dress depends heavily on the lighting. It will look slightly different indoor and outdoor, in Velen, Novigrad or Toussaint. This is especially true of the veil. It looks grey outdoors but is white inside. 

Update 1 (04/11/20): 
Too-white-veil fix attempt: In very dark scenes (with virtually no light whatsoever) the veil looked like a complete white spot. When tested under various no light conditions outside the quest, the veil behaved as intended. However, in certain quest scenes, it is still too white. I will try to find a better solution, but for now, we will stick with it. 
A dress for the remains: In the beginning of the “Scenes from a Marriage” quest Geralt finds Iris’ body. The dress on it is now white too.
The Moonwraith: von Everec Estate is haunted by The Wraith from the Painting that encapsulates Iris’ pain and grief. Its gown now matches the colour of the living Iris dress.
Pyjama Party: Originally, I intended to keep Iris’ undershirt black, but since it would be cohesive to make her only wear white (as in the vanilla version she wears only black), I’ve recoloured her undershirt as well. Turns out it’s no undershirt at all, but a pyjama set with shorts. It is now “greyish-yellow” white.
Deep down I don’t like her white shorts, so perhaps I’ll add a version with white top and black bottom.

If you encounter any problems or issues that may require fixes, please report it. I’m more than interested in making this mod nice and pleasant to use. Any advice is welcome! I’m open to the suggestions and recommendations.

Shoutout to paulr0013 for being interested in this mod development and pointing out issues.

How to install:
 → Extract the mod to \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods

How to update:
 → Manually remove the ‘modIrisChampagneDress’ folder from the mods folder. Extract newer version to \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods

How to uninstall:
 → Remove the mod from the mods folder.

• Brown Eyes for Iris — changes Iris's eye colour to deep brown