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Alchemy Reworked
Food and beverages Reworked
Reworked dinamic Exp
Reworked Dinamic Monster Exp
Balanced Lvling Mob Grinding
Quest Rewards are being worked on

Permissions and credits
Swallow potion is fortified 120 sec heal with 5/10/15 ammo depending on wich grade 1 2 or 3 to all potions
Alchemy Potions Enhanced for a better combat feeling, more powerful but with more toxicity level, for a tactical use like in witcher 2
Exp is Modified, now you gain 2 skillpoints per 5 lvl, lvl 20 2 skillpoints, lvl 30 3 skillpoints lvl 40 4 points lvl 50 5 skillpoints. every 10 lvls
Dinamic Monster Exp, now you gain alot of experience points by killing mobs, quest exp is being worked on, now grinding mobs is worth the way
Experience is Dinamically changed to fit new mobs experience points, lore friendly
Some Few Changes for compatibility with unofficial what's for dinner mod, dont use tweak for what's for dinner use only main folder file, i recomend unofficial dinner mod on post section of the modpage
it is important to use also trademan for making a good balance between mob grind and overall economy, i recomend it
food and beverages now has been reworked (do not use Tweak folder of what's for dinner, only main folder)
alot of minor tweaks i will specify later on, when i'm done making quests rewards rework

Make a backup of patch.bundle in the witcher 3/content/Patch1/Bundles Folder
Replace after making the backup of patch.bundle file in other folder or in the same, replace it with my patch.bundle download
next is also "IMPORTANT" making a backup of go to "content/content0/scripts/game/npc/" make sure to make a backup outside of that folder of the file "" like "c:/Backup/" not in the same spot "game/npc/"
that is all just replace that two files to have my overhaul
you will need to start a new game because of the major changes.

I HIGHLY Recommend using Trademan and Unofficial What's for dinner mods and increased creature loot

Gameplay: to get a perfect balance and gameplay play in hard or hardest difficulty.