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Enhanced Warrior Leather Jacket Set

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Update 1.10 supported (partially : Everything is proper just the slots not working currently. WIP )

Mastercrafted Wolf Gear Stats are copied to the Warrior Leather Jacket and Hunting Gloves/Boots/Trousers(The one we get at start) 

Stats are different for Normal Game and New Game Plus mode
For example the Warrior leather jacket has 205 armor in normal game mode and 355 armor in New Game Plus mode

Just extract the modStartingGearSet folder in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/mods directory of your game

Remove modStartingGearSet folder from the The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/mods directory of your game

Note: If you by chance sold your Warrior Leather Jacket and remaining Set or lost them somewhere then type
additem('Starting Armor 1')
additem('Starting Pants' )
additem('Starting Gloves' )
additem('Starting Boots' )

in console (needs
Debug Console Enabler Update)
Note 2: This mod conflicts with Kaer Morhen stats balance - NGP

And don't forget to endorse if you like the mod, its my first witcher 3 mod afterall ;)