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Bring your Genji obsession to the world of Witcher 3 with brand new armor AND swords ported from Overwatch and gently polished for maximum immersion!

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Geralt insists that his armor is fine, but when someone has an adoptive daughter that can travel to different worlds and bring souvenirs, one may insist differently! Ditch the shoulder pads, excessive leather belts, and spiky gloves! It is time for Geralt to don the high-damage, sleek, and breathable armor of Genji Shimada - the green cyborg ninja dude from Overwatch! Comes with Genji's matching sword!

This DLC armor pack adds new 4k textured Genji armor pieces and swords ported from Overwatch. The materials have been slightly adjusted to make the armor blend in better to the Witcher 3 environment. Features a glowing Genji Helmet and two of the same copy of Genji's iconic sword, Ryuuichi Moji, one in silver and one in steel. All of these items can be bought in Hattori's shop in Novigrad OR console commanded.

Depending on which version you install (W3EE or Vanilla) the price of the armor in the store as well as the statistics may vary slightly. I have adjusted the price to be moderately high to purchase as the armor is moderately "overpowered" in a way that you get high damage, but low protection. Constructive criticism on how to balance this armor further is encouraged in the comment section.

NOTE(Read before installing!):
This mod was originally designed with W3EE (Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition. Link in the bottom of the mod description.) in mind. In other words, an environment where the level restrictions are removed for items. When damage/armor stats increase, the level requirement for an item increases as well in vanilla. Therefore, if you use vanilla, please install the vanilla DLC. If you use W3EE, please use the W3EE DLC.

If you don't, the stats of the armor/sword may not be suitable for gameplay as intended. 

This version will likely be the final version if there are no major issues with this mod. 

Please note: You must wear the armor, pants, boots AND gloves together for the armor to look decent. It is meant to be worn as a full set and does not look good at all without the armor, pants, boots AND gloves worn in unison. Trust me... Geralt's limbs start falling off if you don't. Don't put the poor Witcher through that. :(

Installation (tl;dr: Put the DLC in your DLC folder)
  1. Download the correct DLC mod depending on if you use Vanilla or W3EE.
  2. Extract the folder and put the DLC mod into your DLC folder.
  3. Run the game and shout "Ryūjin no ken wo kūrae"  as loudly as you can and shout for healing for maximum effect.


  1. Delete the DLC mod from your DLC folder.

Known Issues

  1. When wearing Genji's armor, the only shadow that is produced from his body is his head and nowhere else. I am unsure how to fix it.

Console Commands:
additem(genjiarmor) Genji's Armor
additem(genjigloves) Genji's Gloves
additem(genjipants)  Genji's Pants
additem(genjiboots)  Genji's Boots
additem(genjihelm)   Genji's Helmet
additem(genjisword)  Genji's Sword (Steel)
additem(genjiswordsilver)Genji's Sword (Silver)


Notes and Thanks

I like creating mods based off what I feel is missing in my mind, or just an impulsive in the moment decision I dedicate weeks into making a reality. I started out not knowing how to mod things at all, and just after my first mod I had already gotten people who knew my name and what I did, like I was truly apart of the modding community! I am a normal person who just had a determined mind one day, so I want to lend my hand to you and say that if there is anything wrong with a mod, something you see is missing, something you think you can do better, go for it! Make that mod and be apart of a great community that finds strength in helping each other out to create great things to have fun with and make each other proud.

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Some of the mods used in the screenshots of this mod/other mods I recommend:
Special Thanks to:
  • Gudmods 3.0 Reformed & Glitcher 3 Modding Community and the Boiz Discord servers for helping me with questions!
  • Amasiuncula on Discord for teaching me how to transfer bones from one armor to another to make this entire mod possible, alongside teaching me how DLC mods are set up and function.
  • Mihawk for his suggestions on stats for this armor.
  • Blizzard for eating my money away with loot boxes and forcing my addiction to get so bad I had to make a mod about the dang game.
  • Hanzo for killing Genji to make this armor possible!
Credit + Links to 3D models I Used under CC Attribution:
(Models were not physically changed beyond cutting them to fit the armor body parts - textures were enhanced and material work was done in the xmls.)