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Gwent Revolution is a huge overhaul of many gwent system aspects. From new cards, abilities, arts to quest rewards, AI decks and game Bet. The mod is currently in development and gonna get updates.

Permissions and credits
Before installing this mod, I recommend you to make an additional save file. Due to deck builder 'features' and how it was designed,
it's impossible to INSTALL the mod and then UNINSTALL it from your CURRENT GAME SAVE.
Main Features

Full rework of existing cards

Many existing cards got rebalance features, new textures and alternate textures.

Over 160 Brand new cards

All factions got their new cards and will get even more!
Here is a list

New abilities

Some of them i got from from GTWCG author, some of them i created by myself.
  • Weaken Enemy (thanks to GTWCG author)
  • Willpower (Resilient effect, thanks to GTWCG author)
  • Shuler (Create And Draw effect)
  • Lucker (Draw Specific Card effect)
  • Default draw now has 2 versions: draw, draw x2
  • Lottery (Friendly Draw, Friendly Draw x2 effects)
  • Double Spy (Enemy Draw effect)
  • Assistance (Create effect)
  • Amazing Morale Boost (Improve Neighbours x2 effect)
  • Experienced Medic (Legendary Nurse effect)

This list gonna be updated with new versions of the mod.

Alternate Art system

Biggest alternate system from any Gwent mod. Over 400 new and alternate arts in the game!

Exclusive icons

At the moment over 20 new exclusive icons for some cards. You can find some of them on screenshots.

Detailed tooltips

Over 50 new detailed and exclusive tooltips. You can also see some of them on screenshots.

Reworked AI

AI has completely new decks. Trying to make it hard to play against!

The mod is editing many game aspects so it's incompatible, firstly, with any gwent mod. Gwent Redux, GTWCG, even Personalized Bet.
How to install/uninstall

drop modGwentRevolution to your /mods folder. [E:\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods]
drop bin to your Witcher 3 Wild Hunt bin folder. [E:\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin]

delete modGwentRevolution from your /mods folder.
delete modRevConfig.xml from "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc" folder.