The Witcher 3

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An EXCESSIVELY VAST content pack of brand new armour, weapons, and new enemies. Pure additional content. No replacing! Merge friendly.

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~Brought to you by~

Ard Carraigh

In a time when darkness and terror ruled the day, and monsters were hiding in every thicket of woods, strong mages created the perfect protection for the feeble and still insecure human race. Witchers they were called, and witchers did the job of slaying monsters for coin.
A profession that required the best equipment, the utmost physical prowess,
and the best fighting techniques the world had seen.

That was not enough. The abominations grew bolder, evolved to be stronger and more lethal.

Ancient, unsettling tablets which were known to men only as myths were found, suggesting the crumbling castle of the old Lion school witchers was a gateway to some unnameable power... Witchers of the Lion school, with their high mage Covidiamus, started excavations beneath their settlement, exhausting what fortune they had on swarthy workmen and sturdy shovels.
They dug for months, years - an eternity...

In the end, they unearthed the abysmal material to forge ever-greater arsenals. But the material corrupted the very essence of their minds; driving witchers insane, turning one against another... They were rewarded with madness!

Mage Covidiamus could not look at the disaster he had made, nor could he look away.
He alone fled from the chaotic ruins, laughing and wailing...
Until his conscience failed him.

Today, the nightmarish monsters reign over the world. The gladiators of the Lion school might be forgotten, but their scattered legendary equipment waits in the mud and rain,
waiting for another poor soul. Here they are called Shades of Iron.
They give birth to a thirst for discovery that can be neither numbed nor sated!
Your journey begins...


Welcome to the home page of the biggest content pack ever made for The Witcher 3!

This content pack adds:


18 brand new, exotic armor sets for Geralt, with unique characteristics!
new armor sets for your custom female player characters!
A total of 10 new greatswords!
Three new, elegant spears!
Over 20 completely new, otherworldly swords!
Three unique, fierce daggers!

And all of them bring completely new playstyles to the game!

Armour comes with newly introduced mechanics, enabling further character customization.
Spears have increased reach. Greatswords are slower & deadly. Daggers are fast, unforgiving.
For more info about gameplay & progression & how to obtain, visit the Articles section.
Weapons are huddled together in the Articles section - Gameplay.
For more information about new enemies, visit the Articles section - Enemies.

The armor sets come with fully simulated cloth physics.

This content pack has been in development for more than 5 months, and it's FINALLY out!


    Let's take a look at what's new!


This is a DLC-type mod. As it does not change anything in-game, it is compatible with almost every mod. There are just a few exceptions.
We do not recommend using mod managers to install Shades of Iron.
Be sure to get the requirements.

Here's how you install Shades of Iron without a mod manager.


~Download the huge main file first. You need this. It contains everything.~

~After your download is complete, open the compressed archive. You should see two folders named "mods" and "dlc".~

~Open your game installation directory. If you see the folders "bin", "DLC", "Mods", "content", you are at the right place.~

~Simply select & drag the two folders contained in the archive and drop them into your game directory.~

~Get Script Merger if you don't have it.~

~Run the script merger and merge the conflicting scripts. This should be an automatic process.~

~That's it for Shades of Iron installation. Jump into the game and have fun!~

~Visit the articles section for insights about the items & their locations & what they do.~


~Download the main file. You must have this, as the replacers refer to the assets in Shades of Iron DLC in code.~

~Open the compressed archive and read the README included within.~

~After getting to know how to apply the replacers of your choice, simply follow the README's instructions.~

~After filtering, customizing and finalizing how your characters will look, carefully install them according to the README.~

~That's it. Go into the game and proudly gaze upon your favorite characters in their brand new outfits.~

For more info, please visit the "Articles" section. It covers topics related to gameplay and progression.

~Remove everything that comes with Shades of Iron, placed in "Mods" and "DLC" folders.~

~Merge your scripts again. That should be it.~

Note that you won't lose progress or your save file after removing the content pack.
The items which came with Shades of Iron will disappear. That's it.

Special thanks to:

For everything she provided.
This project would have been very troublesome without her help.

You can visit her workshop here


If you want to keep in touch with the developers of Shades of Iron,
join the official discord server that hosts the project, linked below.
We post upcoming updates, ask for your opinions about the development,
and essentially promote other beautiful projects.
Requests, suggestions, discussions are hosted there as well.
We're online most of the time there, and will help you out with whatever you need as a community!

We hope you enjoy the mod & the Discord platform!
Feel free to tell us your opinions. We read all of them.

Have fun with Shades of Iron!

"What are you still doing here? Enough trembling in your boots. A hunter must hunt."