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20+ lore-friendly clothing pieces for Yennefer to choose from, mix and match to give her the look YOU think suits her best

this is a reworked version of my old YLFW mod

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you are not allowed to repost and/or share any of the files to any modding
site, google drive, discord server, or anywhere else on the

  • Yennefer’s lore Friendly Wardrobe aims to bring a variety of lore friendly outfits for Yennefer

it adds both upper bodies( torso) AND lower bodies (legs), all of which
are compatible with each other and with Yen’s vanilla outfit, mix and
match the torso and legs to find your favorite combo !

  • 'torso' mods all replaces her vanilla... well troso? the top part of her outfit if you prefer
  • 'legs' mods ALL replaces her vanilla PANTS and BOOTS , the one she wear in 'travel mode' , it doesn't affect her gown

All appearences are supported from gown to hooded to vomit stained, everything is covered ;)

  • 'Drunk witchers' option is in misc files : During the No Place Like Home quest,  Eskel and Lambert will now wear outfits straight out of Yennefer’s lore friendly wardrobe

I did not take screenshots of ALL the individual clothes and combinations possible so any of your own screenshots showcasing them are more than  welcome !

my other Yen mods:
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Off the shoulder gown for Yennefer
Skellige gown for Yennefer
Alternate Hairstyle for Syanna ( and Yennefer )
travel outfit only for yennefer
Skirt edit for Yennefer

  • I highly recommend a manual install
  • Pick the mod(s) you want (  Use only one ‘Torso’ and one ‘Leg’ mod at a time ! )
  • unzip and drop the 'mod_YLFW_versionname' file in your  witcher 3 'mods' folder( create it,if needed )
  • some will have an additional DLC file (Kaer trolde torso for exemple):  put the 'dlc_YLFW_versionname' in the witcher 3 DLC folder

  • Invisible when Spwaned through console command
  • sometimes goes invisible during that short cutscene at the end of the Battle of Kaer Morhen, where she falls down
  • some clipping still I've done my best to fix what I could, but there is still some left, Oxenfurt torso especially, but i am DONE with trying to fix this damned model
  • Oxenfurt torso's makes the vomit stain on the dress bright red this is due to the pattern material i think

Immersive Real-time Cutscenes by teiji25, ( make sure immersive cutscene has a LOWER priority than any YLFW and/or appearance mod!! she will revert to vanilla otherwise ! ) so she doesn’t revert back to her vanilla outfit during the scream scene or other pre-rendered cutscenes

have fun ~