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Step 1:
First, download Antimicro (it's free). Don't fret, this is painless.

64bit Windows:
32bit download here:

Step 2:

Step 3:
Backup your Input.settings in Documents/The Witcher 3 and move it to a separate folder

Step 4:
Unrar 'GAMEPAD PLUS' and put its 'Input.settings' in the above location. Overwrite if prompted.
Make sure it is set to 'read only''

As of Gamepad Plus 3.9 / 4.0, you will need to navigate the folders to your preferred option (Horse controls and which menus you want on/off during combat)

Step 5:
Run Antimicro and press 'load'.
Navigate to the option as you did in Step 4 (eg. 'LT Horse Gallop > Option C - Yrden RT+DPadUp') and choose one of the available "GPP .gamecontroller" files and load it.

Make sure you use one with the correct keyboard type for you.

Step 6:
In Antimicro click Options > Preferences and untick Enable Key Repeat

Step 7:
(this may not be needed since patch 1.05)
Go to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/bin/config/base folder where you installed (mine is C/GOG Games, yours might be in Steam) and open HIDDEN.INI and change 'LockControlScheme=0' to LockControlScheme=2. This will lock your game to the controller so you don't constantly get that annoying popup.



Antimicro will need to be running whilst you play (it doesn't alter performance).

Make sure Antimicro is on 'Set 1' (it is by default and there's no reason it should change)

Quick tutorial on how to get antimicro and The Witcher 3 to start together with one click



First, a reminder to make sure you have turned 'Key Repeat' off in Antimicro (Options > Settings)

I'd advice trying the different versions below ingame to see what feels best to you and what you're willing to put up with (esp. in terms of rolll in Options A and B)
I personallly use Option D but that's just me

Option A: (this is how previous GPP versions have worked)
Rarely, Geralt may/will roll forwards when you want to roll in another direction
Mounting your horse during combat can be difficult in this version.

Option B:
Both of the above issues are fixed in this version but pressing RT+A for Yrden whilst the stamina/sign bar is not full will result in a roll,
unlike other insta-signs.

Note: If you change sign button assignments so that RT+A is a different sign, you may roll after activating the new sign. The reason
RT+A is now Yrden instead of Axii is because this does not occur with Yrden.

Option C:
All above issues are fixed in this version as Yrden is moved to RT+DPadUp. Button A acts the same as base game in combat.
Potions are a short hold in this version to minimise accidental usage.

Option D (NEW):
All above issues are fixed. Yrden is LB and Quick Radial menu is RT+DPadLeft. Bestiary also moved to RT+DPadUp so that there'd be no conflict
with Alternate Yrden


To increase potion hold time:
1. Open antimicro and look for the DPad section (use you gamepad to highlight it if you like)
2. Click on DPad Up (should look like '[H]F9')
3. Click 'Advanced' in bottom left
4. Click just UNDER the box where it says 'Hold 00.20' and use the newly appeared time boxes, to the bottom right, to increase the time and
click INSERT.
5. Click UNDER the other 'Hold' box (it will be 'Hold 00:21' as defaullt with GPP) and add the same amount of added time as you did in step 4.
Remember to click INSERT again.
6. Save your new profile.

-If you make an error exit out and press 'Remove' until youand Load up the mod's profile again and have another go. Remember to save your new edited profile

-If you want to get rid of Hold, just press 'clear all' and then add F9/F10 back in on its own.


To change Sign buttons:
Do NOT use the ingame key binding menu to rearrange signs as it's been reported that it can make 'whirl' act strangely. It may or may not happen so just be safe
and rerrange the signs in Antimicro (Set 3)

Open Antimicro and go to Set 3 (and Set 1 LShoulder for Option D). Click on the A, B, X, Y and L Shoulder (and DPadUp in Option C) boxes and rearrange them how you see fit by clicking 'Advanced' within each box and changing the numbers (they correspond to the numbers found in the ingame key bindings menu.
Remember to switch back to Set 1 before you play


If you have any issues with the mod not working properly, first try these steps as some people have reported that they helped

- Make sure antimicro is on set 1
- Make sure the input file is 'read only' -
- Move any backup files to another folder. Some have reported that leaving backups of Input.settings and hidden.ini in their usual place can cause strange problems. -
- In antimicro, press 'remove' until you have a fresh profile and load up Gamepad Plus again -
- Restart your PC

XBox Guide button not working?
- Try uninstalling Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories from add/remove in control panel. It will get rid of the battery indicator pop up which can cause functionality problems. The gamepad will still work fine.