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Adds extra buttons and tweaks for greater gamepad control

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- Check Sticky in comments section for instructions on Patch updates -

Adds extra button functionality and tweaks for greater gamepad control 

See the screenshots for button layouts


Step 1:
Unrar 'GAMEPAD PLUS' and put your choice of 'Input.settings' file (eg. 'LT/RT/Default Horse > V.1/V.2 > [keyboard type]') in Documents/The Witcher 3. 
Note: Make sure it is set to 'read only''

Step 2:
Downloand and run Antimicro in Adminstrator Mode and press 'load'. 
Select the "GPP .gamecontroller" file. 
Note: See images for 'Loading a GPP Profile' image tutorial

Note: Use link supplied when you download Gamepad Plus, making sure to download Antimicro 2.14

---If Antimicro website is down see Sticky in comments section---

Step 3:
In Antimicro click Options > Preferences and untick 'Enable Key Repeat'


Step 4: 
Go to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/bin/config/base folder where you installed (mine is C/GOG Games, yours might be in Steam) and open HIDDEN.INI and change 'LockControlScheme=0' to LockControlScheme=2.
Note: This will lock your game to the controller so you don't constantly get switched about between gamepad and keyboard



Antimicro will need to be running whilst you play (it doesn't alter performance).

Make sure Antimicro is on 'Set 1' (it is by default and there's no reason it should change)

Quick tutorial on how to get antimicro and The Witcher 3 to start together with one click


Can you add a walk/run toggle?

Tried this for v.3.0 but it just wouldn't work - it should have done, but it didn't. 

How can I change Insta-Sign buttons?

There is an image tutorial for this in the image sectoion

Open Antimicro and go to Set 3. Click on the A, B, X, Y and L Shoulder boxes and rearrange them how you see fit by clicking 'Advanced' within each box and changing the numbers (they correspond to the numbers found in the ingame key bindings menu.
Remember to switch back to Set 1 before you play

Don't use the ingame key binding menu to change signs. There have been reports that it can cause issues with 'Whirl' attack.

How can I get rid of the Mouse Cursor showing up in the menus?

Turn off 'Hardware Cursor' at the bottom of the Graphics options screen

A) XBox Guide button not working?
Try uninstalling Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories from add/remove in control panel. It will get rid of the battery indicator pop up which can cause functionality problems. The gamepad will still work fine.


B) Right/Combo Trigger not working / Wrong signs being cast / Potions randomly switching?

Make sure you have the correct 
in the input file.

Latest Version number as of Patch 1.21 and onwards (including 1.31) = 43 or 41. Try the opposite number to what you already have there - remembering to change it back before trying other fixes if this doesn't sort your issue

In GPP 6.1b you can just swap which input.settings file you use rather than manually changing it

eg. RT Horse > V. 1 - Default FHud > input.settings 
 RT Horse > V. 1 - Default FHud > azerty qwertz > input.settings 
(vice versa)


C) Quicksave not working (Windows 10)

Try the following

1.Open your browser, hit Windows key+G
2.A small window should appear, check "yes, this is a game"
3.Open the settings button at the right end of the window
4.Uncheck "open game bar using X on a controller" (to remove guide button conflicts) and uncheck "remember this as a game" (so your browser isn't considered a game should you want to keep using this new feature)

D) Potion switch not working?

GPP doesn't yet include potion switching. It is [hold] DPad Up/Down to use potion 3/4 rather than switch to potion 3/4

I am working on including potion switching as an option for GPP 7.0. TW3 is quirky tho so it requires moving things around.

If for some reason you must at this very moment have switching, see SpeedyParticles' comment (posted @ 14:43, 6 Mar 2016) in the comments section (page 3 as of 6th June). He changed it himself so it may guide you. Perhaps PM him and ask for his files?


General troubleshooting


E) Make sure the input file is 'read only'


F) Make sure antimicro is set to set 1


G) Make sure to run antimicro in Administrator mode


H) Try the above version swapping -see B)


I) Download and install the INI files found in Optional Files download page

J) Move any backup files to another folder. Some have reported that leaving backups of Input.settings and hidden.ini can cause strange problems.


K) In antimicro, press (spam) 'remove' until you have a fresh profile and load up Gamepad Plus again. Sometimes changing profiles causing keys in the profile not to change in antimicro


L) Make sure you're using Antimicro 2.14.


M) Make sure Antimicro still has 'Key Repeat' unchecked (see install guide)


N) Reinstall the input file


O)  Restart your PC. Yes, it has worked for people  


(should no longer be an issue in latest TW3 patches)

- Double check you have loaded the correct antimicro GPP file for your keyboard layout (QWERTY vs AZERTY), esp. if the map screen isn't working for you 

- Make sure you're in fullscreen mode

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