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This mod will change Roach to your liking whether you have the brown or black horse (or want to keep Roach brown or black forever). I've created 75 new skin colors (some immersive and some not so much) for Roach for you to choose from, as well as new Eyes, Manes, and Tails. Pick your favorite!

Please make sure to look over this Description Page for info and requirements!
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All updates to this mod are suspended as of 2017. I won't be taking any more requests, sorry!
UPDATE LOG: See the comments section (stickied)! :]


Compatible With:
AMM - The Appearances Menu Mod by CAPA (install my AMM compatible DLC folder only! Make sure to note which ones have been integrated into his mod, since they are not automatically compatible! So far only Dapple, Pinto, and Solids are supported)
WTR - A Horse Kit
- choose Roach compatibility option
Better Horse Equipment and Better Horse Gear for Roach - be sure to install the version compatible with my mod! *except with the new White Tail
Mane and Tail Fixes by woodbyte - Fixes any problems with Manes and Tails, no compatibility issues!

-Manes 2.0 are compatible with the old version of Manes, which will now only change the color of other horses manes, while Roach's mane will be affected by the new Mane mod and DLC.

NOT Compatible:
-Special Horses are not usually compatible with other script mods which change the
-Not compatible with any other mods that change the color of Roach.
-The new Skin mods (2.0+) are not compatible with Unicorn mesh mod from Fera's Tribute Horses, unless you download one of my old versions (brown horse replacers)
-The files which change Roach's mane or eyes may not be compatible with other mods that change the color of horses eyes and manes, and will affect all the horses in the game (except maybe Wild Hunt horses?).
-Any mod that changes Roach's equipment without a compatibility version for my mod.




1. To begin, download your choice of Solid, Dapple,  Pinto, Wild, or Special manually. Extract the folder wherever you want, location doesn't matter yet. You will need something like WinRar or 7Zip for extraction.

2. Now look inside the extracted folder, find the "images" folder, and choose the color from inside it that you want for your horse. Look at the number in the file name and remember it.

3. Next, look in the "mod" folder and find the corresponding number.

4. Copy the whole folder with the number you chose (not just the content files inside, but the whole "modFera_Roach0#_##" folder) and paste it into your The Witcher 3\Mods folder.

5. Now, look in the "DLC" folder, copy and paste "Feras_Roach[Color]DLC" into your The Witcher 3\DLC folder.

6. Start the game, it is best to load a save where you aren't riding or near Roach, then call her. Happy riding!

If you don't have a \Mods folder, just create it!

Make sure the folder you put into The Witcher 3\Mods has the "mod" prefix in the name. Do not change the name.

Make sure the folder you put into The Witcher 3\DLC has the letters "DLC" in the name. Do not change the name.

For Steam users, the location is something like D:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\
For GOG users, the location is something like D:\GOG\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\
For GOG Galaxy users, the location is something like D:\GogGalaxy\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\

Whether you're using GOG, or Steam, or something else, this mod MUST be installed in the The Witcher3\Mods folder (and Witcher3\DLC folder) for it to work. There are a few sites that tell you to install a few mods elsewhere, that is how those mods are installed, not this one!

You can check out Nerocee's handy installation video tutorial here !

To Uninstall: Just delete the folder from your The Witcher 3\Mods folder, as well as the DLC from The Witcher 3\DLC folder.



What can be expected in the future?
Pleas note this mod is no longer being updated, but I did have some unfinished work lying around. If I ever have the spare time and a working pc again, I may release these:
-fixed Manes colors for Toussaint region in a RoachHairMegaPack (together with the New Tails)  
-BetterHorses mod for W.T.R- A Horse Kit  to improve all horses in the Witcher3 world
-possible fixes to armored manes and tails to have more colors
-ToolElven's horse pack 

What If I just want the vanilla brown or black Roach?
Install the Exorcism of Roach file and select the appropriate mod folder. Check the readme for more details!

I installed but it only changed the skin?

This is because I have made it so you can fully customize Roach to your liking! Manes, Tails, Eyes, and Skins are all separate downloads. For now, the eyes are effecting all horses, but I am trying to figure out how to make that unique too. Skins are separated into Solids, Dapples, Pintos, Wild, and Special (see the images for reference).

Something is wrong with the Mane/Tail?
Install Mane and Tail Fixes by Woodbyte and it should work like it's supposed to. There is a bug in the game that makes it so that the armor tails and manes sometimes persist even after you take the armor off. Be sure to have Blood and Wine installed for all of them to work, or just use the old version.

What version should I use?
If you have the Blood and Wine expansion, you will want to download Roach 2.1.22 versions. If you only have the base game or Hearts of Stone, you will be fine with Roach 2.0 and below. You can also use Roach 2.0 and below if you are not in the Toussaint region yet.
Anything below 2.0 will affect all brown horses in the game. These are compatible with the unicorn mod from Fera's Tribute Horses, and don't have a DLC. Just install as a regular mod.

What is Roach 2.0 and 2.1.22?
These mods require the installation of a DLC folder as well, which contains custom horses so that Roach can now be completely different from all other horses in the game!  You will need the corresponding mod to access your chosen horse or hair color, so make sure to follow the instructions and you'll be riding in style in no time :] if you want to toggle effects, skins, manes, tails, eyes, etc. while in game, make sure to install AMM and my corresponding DLC. If there isn't a DLC, that means CAPA hasn't integrated it into AMM yet, and you'll have to wait or do it the old fashioned way ;]

How do I make the mane shiny?/Why does the picture show a shiny and not shiny mane?
You need to go into your in-game Graphics settings, and look for the NVIDIA HairWorks slider. You can turn the HairWorks on for no one, Geralt only, or everything. "Shiny" manes are HW off.

Why is the Tail shiny but the Mane is not?
Install the 2.1.3 version with the New Tails! Be sure to have Blood and Wine installed for all of them to work, or just use the old version.

Where can I get the unicorn mod?
You can download it at Fera's Tribute Horses. This is only compatible with my old versions before Roach 2.0, or any brown or black horse replacer mod. The new "Specials" pack contains a bunch of unicorns that are easy to use though! I recommend that instead.

Roach is invisible?
You didn't install correctly. Look at the instructions again. My mods are 100% tested and are not released before they work completely as intended. Please check my basic troubleshooting below. Most of the time, all you need to do is verify your game cache!


Weird Tail and Mane colors!:
Lighting mods as well as some vanilla in-game lighting may affect the color of nonHairWorks Manes and Tails slightly (especially in areas with drastic colored lighting, such as Toussaint and Skellige). I will upload a better version when I have the time, sorry for the inconvenience.

Roach doesn't have a mane/tail!:
This a common bug from the patch that came out with the B&W expansion, and is not related to my mod. This issue was fixed in patch 1.3, see the official patch notes for more details

Mane-less Roach after patch 1.21:
This a bug from the patch that came out with the B&W expansion, and is not related to my mod. Equip and unequip a horse armor that hides the mane. This usually makes it go back to normal. This issue was fixed in patch 1.3, see the official patch notes for more details.

Small Mane:

This a bug from the patch that came out with the B&W expansion, and is not related to my mod. Equip and unequip a horse armor that hides the mane. This usually makes it go back to normal. This issue was fixed in patch 1.3, see the official patch notes for more details.

Black, mane-less Roach:

This is a bug from the patch that came out with the  HoS expansion, and is not related to my mod. My Exorcism of Roach mod might fix it. If you notice it, reload your save until Roach is normal - Do not save over the bug or it may become permanent! 

Please always test (ALL) mods before writing over your save file in case of bugs or corruption (this needs to be basic modding knowledge for everyone). That way you can still go back to your old save without losing too much data and game time. I learned this the hard way a couple times when modding Skyrim.

Please try my basic troubleshooting techniques before posting a comment!:

-Check the integrity of your game cache (can be done with GOG and Steam [Steam: right click Witcher 3 in your Games tab, go to Properties>Local Files>Verify Integrity of Game Cache..., wait for it to process]) this is usually the only thing needed to fix the problem.

-Turn off your other mods, and add them back in one at a time to see which mods are incompatible.

-Maybe you've simply installed wrong. Look over the instructions again, make sure the folder with "DLC" in the name is in your Witcher3\DLC
 folder, and the folder with "mod" in the name should be in 

-Make sure you have the correct DLC and mod combination installed. Remember, if using AMM you only need my DLC. All mods MUST have the "mod" prefix in the name, and DLC's cannot be renamed at all.

-Check to see if any other horses in the game are affected

If you've tried all these options and you're still having trouble, contact me and I'll see if I can figure something out.


For advanced users and other modders:

How my mod+DLC combo works:

-The mod portion contains mostly just the player_horse entity which controls which appearance Roach is using. It can be packed as a mod because it is just replacing a vanilla asset without creating anything new. 

-The DLC portion contains all new custom entitiesmeshes, and textures that the player_horse entity needs to access. Each pack includes all the colors in that category, which is why it's so important to make sure you have the right mod installed to access the correct skin. This also means you can have AMM mod installed instead of mine, which will allow you to access all the colors in the DLC without having to close the game and install a different mod.

When Roach turns invisible, it usually means that the mod isn't able to access the file either because the DLC is missing, has been renamed, or there is something wrong with the file paths inside the entities (the latter is rarely the case because I test each one separately before release).


Fantasy horses with scripted special effects! Many will not work if you do not have your game up to date with both DLC's installed!
Some of these interfere with proper horse lip movement in a certain Blood and Wine quest, or with a cutscene if you choose to help the Ghost in the Tree in No Man's Land.

05_01Nether Unicorn [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] This steed came through one of the mysterious portals that lead into the Spiral worlds. It's possible some of it's genetic makeup was effected during the inter-dimensional travel, causing it to look as though it's part of space itself...

05_02Celestial Unicorn Similar to the Nether Unicorn. This mount sparkles with an unknown magic.

05_03Thunder Charger [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] This steed also came through one of the mysterious portals that lead into the Spiral worlds. Like a thunder cloud in the shape of a horse, its body is engulfed in purple lightning.

05_04Animatronic Unicorn [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] No one knows if this strange horse is powered by magic or technology. Either way, it seems never to rust or power down, and appears to have a life of its own.

05_05WraithMare [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] A wraith in the form of a horse. If left unchecked, she may carry you into death.

05_06Plague Steed [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] An undead horse ridden with plague.

05_07Kelpie [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] A rarely seen monster, this steed is forced into servitude with a special halter.

05_08PermaFrost [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] This steed came through one of the mysterious portals that lead into the Ice Plains. Frozen forever, this horse brings the cold with it.

05_09EmberHeart [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] Excavated from the heart of a mountain, this horse burns from within.

05_10Skeletal Steed Looks like some kids painted a black horse as a prank...

05_11Spectral Stallion [contains its own Eyes, Mane, and Tail which cannot be replaced] The ghost of a mangled horse that fell in battle. A cold mist rises whenever it is present.

05_12Bronze Golem [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] Animated by strange magics, this bronze statue comes to life when summoned.

05_13Inferno [contains its own Eyes, Mane, and Tail which cannot be replaced] Like the legendary phoenix, this steed is fire made flesh.

05_14Darkness [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] This devilish horse is normally only obtained when you make a deal with the mysterious Master Mirror.

05_15NightMare [contains its own eyes which cannot be replaced] A demonic unicorn from the depths of your nightmares. It's said that its face is bloodied whenever an infant dies.

05_16Umbra [contains its own Mane and Tail which cannot be replaced] This horse is seen when you help a hermit deal with a haunting spirit in Toussaint.

05_17Equine Illusion [contains its own Eyes, Mane, and Tail which cannot be replaced] Some petty mages can summon illusions for a short while, mostly for the purpose of entertainment. This one has enough form to carry Geralt on his quests.

05_18White Unicorn From a Blood and Wine quest

05_19Pink Unicorn From a Blood and Wine quest

05_20Blue Unicorn From a Blood and Wine quest but with an altered color.

Thanks very much to SilversParlor for the fantastic logo! :]

Special thanks to everyone who has helped me so far with tips, tricks, hints, collaboration, and donations!:




I will never charge for any mods I create, but you can leave a donation to help me out if you really like my mod :]